About the exhibition

noun, feminine [the]

Punk. Woolworth. Fashion.
Glimpses and traces.

Since September 7, photographer Birgit Kaulfuß presents her first solo exhibition entitled "ANNAHME". In this exhibition, visitors will gain an insight into the multifaceted thematic world of Birgit Kaulfuß' photography. On display is a sensual interweaving of serially illuminated artist portraits, artificial fashion shots and metaphorical stills of places and traces. The photographs are spread over two and a half rooms, in which the "ANNAHME" (assumption) of symbiotic relationships between seemingly contradictory subjects is thematized. In the process, format-filling portraits and anti-portraits encounter a counterpart, seek confrontation or seem to (self-)consciously elude their sight. In this way, a web of individual positions and signs emerges in the exhibition, which become symbols of interpersonal relationships.

3218 annahme birgit kaulfuss 2018

"ANNAHME" explores the boundaries of commissioned work, craft and art. In the staging, however, Birgit Kaulfuß refrains from any kind of provocation. Her concentrated and timeless gaze rather examines the protective façade of the staging, which seems to dissolve for a brief moment. By allowing inner and outer "empty spaces" and the strict form of the presentation, a subtle interplay of quiet irritations and breaks is created.

The exhibition will run until September 16 at Torstraße 161 in Berlin-Mitte. The exhibition is open from 4 to 8 pm.

Frames in action

The impressive photographs are presented in HALBE frames. Thanks to our unique magnetic frame principle, framing is quick and easy. The effect of the photos is emphasized because the picture frames adapts to the picture and the surroundings, thus enabling a professional presentation.