Hanging with picture rail

A home is only a home when you feel comfortable in it. For this, your own four walls need an individual touch. A beautiful picture wall is an easy option to let your own style flow into the room. Whether it's carefully selected artwork or snapshots from your last family holiday, they will support the atmosphere of your living space and make it extra special.

Hanging pictures - classically with nails or screws

But what is the best way to put your pictures on the wall? The classic approach is, of course, to use nails or screws with dowels. With the right accessories (depending on the condition of the wall and the weight of the picture frames), the pictures will be hanging on the wall in just a few minutes. There are no limits to the arrangement of the frames. In our knowledge section you will find some tips and inspiration for designing a picture wall.

However, there is one major drawback to using nails or screws: they leave their mark on the wall. This means that if you want to redesign your wall, you first have to close the now visible holes and paint over them. This can quickly become annoying and cause frustration if you like to try out new hangings and replace your pictures regularly.

Flexible picture wall thanks to gallery rails

Over the years, your own tastes change. The furnishings are renewed, the walls get different colours, and the pictures on them should be rearranged. For a varied picture wall that is ready for any redecoration, we therefore recommend gallery rails. They are easy to mount on the wall or ceiling and offer you the greatest possible flexibility in the long term. Each picture frame is inserted into the picture rail with hooks and ropes and can be positioned infinitely - without leaving any visible holes in the wall.

You know that you want to decorate your living room wall with pictures and that their arrangement will change a time or two in the coming years?

galerieschienen im wohnzimmer

Then it is worthwhile to directly install a gallery rail along the entire length of the wall. This way you are always prepared if pictures need to be added or positioned differently. This saves a lot of time and work in the long run.

At halbe.de you will find detailed information about our hanging systems information about our hanging systems. Look forward to an effortlessly changeable picture wall without renovation work and damage. With gallery rails you can rely on exciting wall designs in the long term - as flexible as you like.

The gallery rail: quick and easy to install

Gallery rails are quick and easy to install on the wall or ceiling. The installation is not necessarily more difficult than hanging picture frames with screws. To make sure you don't get frustrated when creating a picture wall with gallery rail, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to install our picture rails in our knowledge section. Tips and tricks from the pros included!