Egon Caspari about his history with HALBE

75 years HALBE - and Egon Caspari has been a loyal customer for over four decades. On the occasion of our anniversary, the photographer gives an insight into his experiences with HALBE.

How did he discover our picture frames ? What convinced him of the magnetic frames? And how does he look back on the last 43 years? In an interview with managing director David Halbe Egon Caspari recalls his beginnings as a hobby photographer, his first sales and later exhibitions.

In conversation with David and Heinrich Halbe

From the first money I earned myself, I bought a reflex camera. I quickly discovered my passion for photography. My favorite subjects were and still are people, landscapes and still lifes. At some point I also set up my own BW lab.

At that time there was an art market in Nümbrecht (municipality in the Oberbergischen Kreis) every year, where artists from near and far came. There I also registered, and sold quite successfully my photographs in self-made frames from wood and clay.

This changed in 1978, when I discovered the booth of the company HALBE at the photokina in Cologne. 

egon caspari mit heinrich und david halbe
from left to right: Heinrich Halbe, Egon Caspari, David Halbe

I was particularly impressed by the magnetic frame, which is loaded from the front - and the picture is ready. The boss at the time, Hubert HALBE, and I immediately hit it off. In a nice conversation I explained that I am a hobby photographer, so I don't own a company. His answer? "Oh, come by sometime!"

And that's how it happened. Since then I have been a customer of the company HALBE, until today - 43 years later. I usually order my frames by phone and then pick them up in Kirchen. This is how I got to know his son Heinrich and later his grandson David Halbe, both of whom were and are managing directors.

Over the years a close friendship developed with Heinrich and his wife Gisela. In personal conversations we exchanged our experiences and ideas. Until today I exhibit my pictures exclusively in HALBE- frames - even very gladly.

I would like to congratulate the company HALBE on its 75th anniversary and wish you and your employees all the best and continued success!

Memories of 43 years of good cooperation 

On the occasion of the company's 75th anniversary, Egon Caspari has picked out a few mementos. Among them are old frames, brochures and price lists from HALBE from the early 80s. It's like a little time travel through the company's history.

Egon Caspari is particularly fond of black aluminium frames. These classic frames simply go with a wide variety of motifs and furnishings. In the meantime, Egon Caspari also likes to use HALBE Distance magnetic frame to frame his collages and other objects simply and effectively with a certain depth effect:

egon caspari erinnerungsstucke halbe
egon caspari collagen in distance magnetrahmen 2021 1
egon caspari collagen in distance magnetrahmen 2021 2
egon caspari erinnerungsstuecke halbe 2021 3

Glossy white glass is still his undisputed favourite. Meanwhile, his son Andreas Caspari, who today works as a very renowned photographer and lecturer for photography and film at the Freie Kunstschule Bremen, swears by museum glass.

Even at the age of 80, photography is still Egon Caspari's passion - with success. Over the years he has been represented at many joint and solo exhibitions in and around Gummersbach. He exhibits exclusively with HALBE frames and is happy to recommend them to friends and acquaintances. This year he had planned an exhibition in Waldbröl with his two sons, both also photographers and HALBE fans. Due to the pandemic, however, this was unfortunately postponed for the time being.

We thank Egon Caspari for the many years of friendly cooperation and look forward to continuing to accompany him in his artistic work!