Unpublished – this was the motto for 91 BFF photographers who presented their works last weekend. Now in its eighth edition, the event has developed into an established major event in Hamburg. In contrast to the previous year, when the works were hung on site fences, this time around they were presented on Euro-pallets arranged in cubes. The parking level was thus transformed into a cozy environment.

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Visitors and colleagues were delighted to find quite a few surprises among the pieces on display, some of which were framed, others not. The exhibiting artists found ideas and inspiration in a wide variety of situations and settings, from comics, films and music to society, landscapes and nature, even drawing on a passion for bread.

I thought I'd just do something in green, with a green picture to go with it, maybe with one or two small details one might recognise. Something really different. – Tobias Haberman

Aufschlag08 3 1

Colleagues most definitely had a lot of fun with the motto, which led many of them to ventureinto uncharted territory and try out something new. They were granted complete freedom andample scope for creativity. Food stylists dreamed up mouthwatering currywurst (spicy sausage) or flatbread sandwiches. Conversations were animated. The atmosphere was super.

The Euro-pallets have created a really nice environment. – Alena Gall.

In keeping with the environs of the cattle market hall, Jörg Steck displayed a photograph of stock bulls on the draughty parking level.
For anyone who missed the exhibition but would like to get a flavour of the event, two films by Camerabuddy (a long and a short version) can be viewed on Vimeo.

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Images by: David Lübbert, Jörg Steck