World maps as decoration: stylishly set the scene for travel memories

Traveling to distant countries, getting to know foreign cultures, relaxing the soul and mind, discovering a new perspective on the world: there are many reasons to travel. But unfortunately, all too soon you return to your usual everyday life. A world map with the marked travel countries evokes the beautiful memories again and is a way to visually bring the unique memories home. Meanwhile, there are digital online solutions where the countries already traveled can be marked simply by clicking on them. But isn't it much nicer to be able to view your "personal world map" regularly without having to start your computer? In addition to informative purposes, a world map can remind you of past travels and great experiences when you look at it. The more often you look at it, the better, right?

Properly implemented, a framed world map can additionally decoratively enhance your own four walls. You can mark the countries you have already visited with small flags. To make the whole thing look high quality and decorative, we recommend framing the map: so it becomes even more eye-catching!

Now the only question is how to implement all this. Using a picture frame and flags at the same time, that's not possible, is it?

HALBE has a clear answer to this: If you follow a few tips and tricks, nothing will stand in the way of this wish. In this article, we tell you what you need to watch out for.

Our approach

Our CLASSIC magnetic frames all have a back wall made of a KAPA hard foam board, into which pins with flags can be easily inserted. This makes our frames a perfect pin board! The world map can easily be framed without glass and thus be extended again and again with more flags.

Frames without glass cannot be ordered online. But via our customer service. Our staff will help you find the perfect frame for your own project! It is important that the frame is adjusted to compensate for the thickness of the glass. Here, too, our customer service will be happy to answer your questions.

Our customer chose a simple slim wood 10 strip in black oak color. The frame sets off the world map perfectly by creating a nice contrast.

After the world map is in the desired location, the frame can be put on. No additional fixation of the map is necessary. The frame is completely sufficient. However, the prerequisite for this is that the frame is adapted to the exact dimensions of your map. This is no problem at HALBE: in addition to the large number of common standard sizes we offer, you can also order frames in your individual special dimensions. Alternatively, the card can also be cut to a standard format.

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Tip: : If the card does slip, this can be remedied very quickly: simply apply a strip of Gudy 831 to the top of the base element and use it to additionally secure the card. We do not recommend laminating the entire surface, as this can hardly be achieved without bubbles using home remedies.

Setting the first flags also provides a better grip on the card and additionally fixes it. The back wall of rigid foam (PAT passed) is wonderful for their use.

And your framed world map is ready! After a new trip, the map can be expanded in seconds: to do this, the flag can simply pierce through the KAPA hard foam board. Thus, the world map always remains up-to-date without much effort and not only regularly reminds you of unforgettable adventures and experiences, but also decoratively enhances your own four walls.

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