Artist: Nikola Dimitrov

Place: Sontheim an der Brenz

Galerie Fetzer presents Nikola Dimitrov's 'Aria' in Sontheim an der Brenz

Galerie Fetzer showed all 40 works on paper from the "Aria" series in its gallery space in Sontheim an der Brenz in 2021. The monograph "Nikola Dimitrov - Aria" with numerous illustrations and texts by Dr. Reinhard Ermen and Dr. René Hirner was published by Verlag Kettler to accompany this exhibition.

Dimitrov is an artist from Mettlach in Saarland. He studied at the Saarland Academy of Music and worked as a concert pianist for a time. However, it was not to remain at that: Art also aroused his interest, which ultimately led to him setting up his own business as a freelance artist in 2000.

As a painter and pianist, he is interested in the interplay between music and painting. His concern is to make music visible to others through a pictorial language. His art is characterised by recurring series of strokes, horizontal, vertical and diagonal superimpositions, which in combination create diverse structures and patterns.

galerie fetzer

©Michael Böttcher-Entenmann