„HOMMAGE  A LA MERe“ – HALBE frames in a different way

In the exhibition "HOMMAGE A LA MERe" from Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2017 in the Alte Rentei in Niederzier, Ursula Schregel and Leonore Alich, daughter and mother, exhibit together for the first time.

Ursula Schregel started painting only three years ago. But she can already look back on successful exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, France and Spain. She is particularly pleased to have been selected to exhibit this year at the Salon d'Automne at the Grand Palais Museum in Paris from October 11-15. Famous artists such as Matisse, Cezanne, Chagall and Modigliani have shown their works at this legendary institution founded in 1903.

Ursula Schregel is self-taught, although she has a degree in art history. In 2015 she took her first lessons with the Düsseldorf painter Bernard Lokai, a master student of Gerhard Richter.

She lives in Germany and on the Côte d'Opale coast in northern France. But before going to Paris, she presents her paintings together with the nail paintings of her late mother LEONORE ALICH on the 10th anniversary of her death at their common German residence in Niederzier. 

Nail pictures by Leonore Alich - fascinating technique on HALBE frames

In 1998, Leonore Alich, who started painting as a self-taught artist at the end of the 1970s, began to discover and develop a very unique and fascinating technique for herself with her nail paintings on HALBE frames. She used the hard foam of the frames instead of the canvas as a picture carrier.

"She had an extensive knowledge of art history and of course she knew Günther Uecker," says her daughter, "but nothing was further from her mind than trying to copy him. The only thing they had in common is that they both used nails as a design material."

Leonore Alich hammered or pressed nails - of various types and sizes - sometimes according to detailed, sometimes only outline-like preliminary drawings on the HALBE hard foam fibreboards of various formats. "I can't for the life of me remember how she came up with the idea of using the HALBE frames in this way for her art without glass and frames," says her daughter today. "But it became the ideal working material for her."

leonore alich nagelbild 1

The resulting almost relief-like, sculptural three-dimensionality she worked on further in a next step, often using structural pastes, and then they received their unmistakable colourfulness in a very elaborate, multi-layered mixing process using acrylic paints. 

Ursula Schregel - first time with works on paper

Ursula Schregel, on the other hand, paints - mostly in large formats - predominantly in acrylic on canvas and experiments with mixed techniques. Her abstract strong colour settings arise from emotion and are intuitive process recordings. They constantly reinvent themselves until their assumed final point and question themselves again and again through permanent overpainting and overlaying and erosion.

On the occasion of the exhibition "HOMMAGE A LA MERe", she is publishing a fineart print special edition. In addition to her large-format canvas paintings, works on paper by her can be seen for the first time: the 6-part limited and signed series on Hahnemühle "haut en couleur" (format: 30x40) presented in HALBE frames.

Further information and contact: http://www.ursula-schregel.com/en/

ursula schregel haut en couleur halbe rahmen