Heroes of the skies never lose their composure

They appear in the glistening light of the burning desert sun: dreams of flying, of endless freedom. In sharp shadows they fall on the dry sand of the Southwestern United States. The erstwhile pioneers of aviation have been decommissioned, forgotten and yet stand in perennial anticipation, magically beautiful in their final parking position.

The photographs of Werner Bartsch, collected in his Desert Birds series, capture this atmosphere brilliantly. They are an hommage to aircraft of times past.
HALBE is proud to be a part of the exhibition of the same name which begins on 1 February in the Hanseatic Flo Peters Gallery. Our handcrafted HALBE magnetic frames provide the perfect stage on which to present this spectacular photography. Solid German craftsmanship in the form of HALBE black oak picture frames , matched with images of former USA presidential aircraft and apparently random gangways left behind in the desert. Such apparent contradictions nevertheless combine in a harmonious whole, to the delight of the art world and ourselves.

Perhaps you too will recognize the timeless grace and beauty of the earliest flying heroes.

Photographed by:
Flo Peters Gallery
Chilehaus C
Pumpen 8
20095 Hamburg