Triads in Hamburg

The best ideas come by chance. Poster artist Holger Matthies proved this with his new exhibition "Trias". While viewing his archive material, he noticed a certain order: Many of the photos were rearranged in a triad to form a unity and seemed to correspond with each other. In this way Matthies uncovered completely new contexts that remained hidden when viewing each individual motif.

In the finished exhibition at the Ausstellung in der Freien Akademie der Künste in Hamburg, posters and photos are now on display that have been torn out of their original context. In the newly mixed arrangements, they are thus reduced to their motif on the one hand, while on the other hand the image sequences together acquire completely new meanings. The triple constructs run through the entire exhibition, inspiring their viewers to ever new interpretations. In this way Matthies skilfully plays with the experiences and expectations of the visitors and breaks them down.

The pictures were framed in HALBE magnetic frames made of aluminum. They appear simple and modern and give the contents space to work without distracting from them. Due to the narrow profiles without passepartout the triple jumps are close together and clearly form a unit.