David Halbe - September 1, 2009

Expert tips:

"Can't you arrange your pictures on the wall properly? It looks so chaotic!" – You can, but take a closer look and you'll notice that the chaos is intentional. The September 2009 edition of the magazine Schöner Wohnen dedicated several pages to correct picture hanging, and introduced and explained various possibilities.

This seemingly chaotic way of picture hanging is called Petersburg hanging:
"By numerous, closely hung pictures covering an entire wall, the inhabitants of St. Petersburg demonstrated their wealth and their art collection. And this is how it works: While the "Petersburger Hängung" ignores any axial perspectives, the same formats, frames and passepartouts create a feeling of calmness. Arrange your pictures carefully, and different paintings and pictures form an exciting composition." (Source: Schöner-Wohnen)

The picture frames seen here are HALBE Classic magnetic frames in natural oak (Eiche natur), black oak (Eiche schwarz) and aluminum natural matt in 240x300 mm.

Images: Jonas von der Hude