How do I choose the right frame?

The search for a picture frame often turns out to be an art in itself, matching the painting that is to be framed. So the decision which frame to choose should be all the more considered, because not every frame flatters every painting. In order to keep the overview and finally choose the right one, we have some tips for you to make the frame selection easier.

1. Tip: Match picture and frame

The main task of a picture frame is to support the picture and to bring out its full effect. Therefore, it makes more sense to match the frame to the colour scheme of the picture rather than the interior design and architecture. The picture frame should be chosen to match the picture in terms of material, colour and size so that the picture is not undermined by the frame.

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2. Tip: Match the type of wood

Wooden frames are particularly suitable if the type of wood and the colour of the wood are selected to match the picture. The end result is particularly harmonious if the wood type of the frame is also reflected in the parquet flooring or in some of the furniture, for example.


3. Tip: Colours

The frame achieves a particularly beautiful effect when a dominant colour from a drawing or print is picked up again. For example, black picture frames are an excellent choice for black and white pictures, but white frames also look very stylish here.

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4. Tip: Modern frames for modern works

Modern frames made of metal and aluminium in various colours and profiles can also present pictures stylishly. Aluminium frames are particularly advantageous for large and heavy frames, as they are very light and delicate, but still have stable profiles. Photo prints, for example, can be ideally presented in aluminium frames.

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5. Tip: Consider the character of the picture

The character of the picture should be taken into account when choosing a frame. Dramatic paintings with darker motifs, for example, require strong and darker frames, as lighter frames give the impression that they are moving towards the viewer due to the high contrast. Many paintings therefore look best in dark, serious-looking wooden frames. More delicate works of art, on the other hand, should be presented in lighter frames. For example, in frames made of light wood or silver.


6. Tip: Pay attention to the size

Size also plays an important role in choosing the right frame. For example, dramatic charcoal drawings look their best in a large frame with a light, wide passepartout, as this creates a perfect balance between the picture and the frame.

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7. Tip: Consider the protection aspect

Another aspect you should consider when buying a frame is the protection aspect. Certain works of art require a frame that offers a certain level of protection. Therefore, the protective function of the frame and the glass should not be ignored to protect and secure your work permanently. Watercolours, for example, should be enclosed in a special picture frame, as the glass pane must not rest directly on the exhibit. Here it is recommended to use a Distance magnetic frame.

No matter which frame you ultimately choose, as long as it is seen as a natural part of the artwork and there is a successful interplay between the picture and the picture frame, an intimate relationship is guaranteed!

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Now you have found the right magnetic frame for your picture. In the following article we will explain how to present your picture correctly and how to show it off in the right place.