Exhibition at Galerie Buchkunst Berlin

Between December 9 and February 18, 2023, the exhibition EAST TO EAST by French-Slovenian photographer Klavdij Sluban was held at Galerie Buchkunst Berlin.

About the exhibition

On display was a selection of black and white photographs from Sluban's series, which were taken during his numerous adventures in: Starting from his native Paris, Sluban embarked several times on journeys that took him especially to the East. Whether the Balkans, China, Japan or along the Trans-Siberian route: through his special way of photographing, Sluban manages to turn landscapes, scenes, but also portraits into something special.

About the artist

Klavdij Sluban was born in Paris in 1963 and is of Slovenian descent. His photography is significantly influenced by his love of literature and travel. For him, the aura that the image radiates is the decisive determining factor in photography. He tries to transfer the pictorial perception of literature to his photography. For him, photography is a combination of reality and his own feelings.

Every single moment of my life is translated into my mind and heart through literature."

Sluban wanted to share his special way of photographing with others, giving hope and personal expression. That's why he led a workshop in a youth prison in Paris for 10 years starting in 1995. The inmates' works were regularly exhibited in the prison. Other photographers began to join the project, which continued from 1998 in numerous prisons outside France, including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, but also in Central and South America. 

Over the course of his life to date, Sluban has won numerous prestigious photography awards, including the European Publishers Award for Photography (2009), the Prix Leica, Medal of Excellence (2004), and the Prix Niepce (2000). Today, his photographs are exhibited in numerous collections and renowned museums.

Frames in action

The selected black and white photographs were framed together with a white passepartout in black CLASSIC Alu 8 frames from the company HALBE. The picture frames were used in the size 450 x 600 and are all equipped with matt/glossy white glass.

Images: Ana Druga