Impressions of some exhibitions

In recent years, the photos of photographer Manfred Koch have been shown at several individual exhibitions in Germany and abroad. In 2014 he was appointed to the German Photographic Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photografie). Some of the photos of his recent exhibition can be seen here. His last show in Graz was called "Von anderen Stätten".

The series

The pictures show his latest series. The series "Übergangenes" (short: Ü) shows abstract photos, such as detailed shots of zebra stripes in Paris that have become aged through time, weather and traffic. An hommage to the past / passed.

The series "Von anderen Stätten" (short: VAS) comprise a collection of snapshots and still lifes: volatile moments, strange encounters or poetic everyday situations. Often the photo hides clues that evoke an ironic or critical view of what it has captured.


1. Graz, 2016/2017, University Library Ü/VAS
2. Nuremberg, 2011, Caritas-Pirckheimer-Haus Ü 
3. Lippstadt, 2013, Gallery in the City Hall Ü/VAS
4. Frankfurt/Main, 2014, Catholic Academy, Haus am Dom VAS
5. Stuttgart, 2014, Messezentrum, exhibition of the Research Society for Roads and Traffic on the occasion of the German Road and Traffic Congress Ü/VAS.
6. Lippstadt 2015, Gallery in the City Hall VAS

Manfred Koch exclusively uses silver Classic magnetic frames Alu 8, particurly the sizes 60x80 cm, 45x60 cm and 30x40 cm.