David Halbe - November 7, 2017

HALBE invites you

On Thursday, November 23rd, HALBE will open its doors to customers and interested visitors from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.: there will be exciting insights into the family business HALBE and the picture frames production: modern technology and craftsmanship are perfectly interlocked here and are the cornerstone for the best picture frames in manufactory quality.

Get to know the people who make your frames every day with a great deal of passion and conscientiousness.

The following programme highlights await you:

  • Experience live how a HALBE magnetic frame is created. Get an exciting insight into the production process.
  • Learn how pictures are expertly attached to the frame and try it out for yourself.
  • Bring your frame and your picture and frame with a professional free of charge.
  • Test all magnetic frame variations in detail.
  • Try out the effect of different types of glass yourself and experience the difference between glossy, matt or anti-reflective glass and the effect on your picture.
  • Check out the special frame for Edvard Munch on site and experience the technique that protects and presents some of the most famous and valuable paintings.
  • Browse our outlet and find bargains that can't be found online.

Stop by!

Be invited to join us in Kirchen on November 23. Feel free to give us a non-binding feedback if you would like to come or connect with us on Facebook and join the corresponding Facebook event.

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