Beautiful pictures make every staircase a little more homely in an instant. Whether elegant artworks, impressive photographs or family portraits: they add colour to the otherwise neutrally painted walls and set a good mood. We will show you what is important when decorating the staircase with pictures and how you can put your pictures on the wall with style.


  1. Why pictures belong in the staircase
  2. How can pictures be arranged in the staircase?
  3. Which pictures fit into the staircase?
  4. Magnetic frames for your staircase
  5. Pictures in public buildings: What should be considered?
  6. More tips and ideas

Why pictures belong in the staircase

Hallway and staircase are often neglected when decorating. Yet this is the place that you and your guests perceive first when entering. Therefore, it is important to create a welcoming atmosphere here as well. A staircase, of course, can not be cluttered with large furniture or decorative items. So, here the most important thing is a beautiful wall design, so that you can feel really comfortable even in the "passage room". This can be achieved quite easily with some framed pictures. Cheerful vacation photos and family snapshots, for example, will make any hallway glow.

How can pictures be arranged in the staircase?

Wall design in a stairwell comes with a few challenges. In general, of course, the selected pictures and their frames should harmonize visually with each other as well as with the room as a whole. The arrangement of the pictures on the staircase also plays an important role, because different arrangements have different effects. How you arrange your pictures on the staircase is therefore a matter of taste. We give you an overview of three of the most popular hanging arrangements for pictures on the staircase.

Decorating the staircase with pictures with the Petersburg hanging

The Petersburg hanging is particularly suitable for hanging many pictures of different sizes in the staircase. In this case, they simply hang on the wall as if by chance - at different heights and distances. The result is a charming wall of pictures that lightens the atmosphere and gives character to the room.

By the way, if there is a common theme or color spectrum in the pictures, a certain harmony is created despite the chaos. This can also be achieved by choosing the right picture frames. If the pictures are all presented in the same or similar frames, they fit together better visually. By the way, if there is a common theme or color spectrum in the pictures, a certain harmony is created despite the chaos. This can also be achieved by choosing the right picture frames. If the pictures are all presented in the same or similar frames, they fit together better visually. A great advantage of the Petersburg hanging is that you do not have to adhere to any particular order or axis.

Petersburger Hängung an der Treppe

This makes arranging them on the staircase much easier. In addition, the hanging can be supplemented with more pictures as you like, because it does not follow any pattern. Thus, your photos will easily find a place on the wall in the future. The important thing here is that you do not accidentally follow an axis when hanging after all. Randomness is what the Petersburg hanging is all about - it shouldn't look too intentional.

The edge hanging: this is how you show off pictures in the staircase to their best advantage

If you prefer an orderly row of pictures along the staircase, you need to work with the slope. This means that the pictures hang parallel to the slope of the stairs. With picture frames of the same size, this is quite easy to achieve. To do this, always hang the frames at the same distance from the stair tread below.

If the picture frames are of different sizes, this technique will not work. In this case, it is best to sketch a guide line in advance that runs parallel to the staircase at eye level. Then arrange your pictures at equal intervals so that the center of the picture lies on this line.

Tip: According to the museum rule, pictures hang at eye level when their center is at 1.55 meters.

Kantenhängung im Treppenhaus

The single picture for the staircase: little effort, great effect

There doesn't always have to be a lot of pictures hanging in the stairwell. Even with a single picture, the staircase can be beautifully decorated. A large-format picture is best suited here, so that it does not look lost on the wall. It should be placed in the center of the wall and at eye level, so that it can develop its effect properly. As a single hanging, the picture will have a lot of influence on the atmosphere of the room. So choose a picture that you like and that gives the room colour. It should also harmonize well with the surroundings and visually fit into the overall picture. Possible, in addition to classic works of art, is a large poster print, for example, your own photograph, or a bright graphic.

For this purpose, choose a picture frame that will give the XL artwork the optimal stage without distracting from it. If the staircase is made of a beautiful wood, the picture frame can also pick up this wood tone. With modern stairs picture frames made of aluminum in plain colours harmonize very well.

HALBE bilder im treppenhaus einzelhaengung e1666164980208

Which pictures fit well in the staircase?

Which pictures are suitable for the staircase depends entirely on how you live. Are you passionate about art? Then pictures that reflect your taste in art are also suitable on the staircase. Do you have a large family? Then choose for the staircase pictures that show your best memories together. If you put a lot of emphasis on order and a modern interior, then simple and modern pictures for the staircase are suitable. In any case, your staircase should contain pictures that suit you - there are no limits.

HALBE Magnetic frames for your pictures in the staircase

Picture frames from HALBE are equipped with our unique magnetic frame principle. This makes them easy to open and close from the front. This allows easy framing in seconds. If you want to hang pictures in your staircase, the magnetic frame principle from HALBE makes your job so much easier.

This is not only true for the first hanging. With the magnetic frames, your pictures in the stairwell can be replaced again and again quickly and without frustration. The simple and high-quality frames fit a wide variety of motifs and withstand some stress. This makes sure you can enjoy your pictures for a long time - in the stairwell just as in all other rooms!

Public buildings: What should be considered for frames in stairwells?

Safety is paramount in public spaces such as schools, universities or government offices. Since staircases are often important escape routes, special attention must be paid here to fire protection. But beware: fire safety regulations for public spaces are not regulated nationwide, but by the respective federal state. Our B1 magnetic frames are flame-retardant and comply with building material class DIN 4102-1, making them the right choice for many public spaces.

In addition to fire safety, protection against falling is also an important issue in rooms with a lot of through traffic. To prevent injuries, it is worth investing in a picture lock here. The picture lock BS4 can be retrofitted to all HALBE frames (except magnetic display frames) and secures pictures in the stairwell against falling down and unauthorized removal.

The right picture frame glass also provides additional security: single-pane safety glass ("ESG" for short in German) is particularly break-resistant. It protects the picture from knocks and blows. And if pictures do fall down on the stairs, the toughened safety glass breaks into small pieces without sharp edges under high stress. The risk of injury is thus greatly reduced.

Designing the staircase - more tips and ideas for a successful staircase

Pictures are not the only option for your staircase. Especially in combination with other design elements, they transform your staircase into an inviting space. On a coloured wall, for example, framed pictures immediately look completely different. Lighting also plays an important role in the effect of your staircase. With small decorative items such as lanterns or fairy lights, cozy light can be created. Perhaps there is also room for a beautiful plant on the landing? Your new staircase with pictures and colourful accents is guaranteed to enchant you and your guests!