David Halbe - March 21, 2018

Create beautiful spring decorations with picture frames

Who says you always have to use a picture frames just for family pictures or for your favorite poster? Picture frames also look beautiful in combination with homemade items and decorate the home in the springtime. And since Easter is not far away, we show you today how you can easily create a beautiful bunny motif as a spring decoration.

For the bunny motif you will need:

  • Coloured construction paper (We recommend pastel coloured paper in blue, green and yellow)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Plain paper
  • A picture frame (for example in wood look)

Search the web for the right bunny motif. A good source of inspiration is Pinterest. There are many different motifs here that you can simply print out and use as a template later. Once you have found a template, all you have to do is trace the shapes onto the coloured construction paper with a pencil and then cut them out.

Experienced draughtsmen or draughtswomen can of course also draw the motifs such as bunnies, Easter eggs or spring flowers freehand.

Now glue the bunny motifs onto the white passepartout of the picture frame. Attach the glass front of the frame and your first spring decoration is ready!

Bringing spring into your home

Such a picture frame with bunny motifs is a good start to make the apartment spring-like. In addition to bunny motifs, you can of course also use Easter eggs or other spring motifs. Just let nature, Pinterest and magazines inspire you. Of course, you can also present the motifs in different sized picture frames and thus set accents. The important thing is that the picture frame matches the motif. Also play with the formats: Portrait and landscape format provide variety and properly placed you give the apartment a feeling of spring through the loose arrangement.

You can also add matching spring flowers to the colourful spring motifs - such as bunnies or Easter eggs: Snowdrops, crocuses, tulips or daffodils bring spring into your own four walls and drive away even the last wintry thoughts.

Spring decoration with real flowers

Who says that only drawn flowers have to be presented in a picture frame? With dried flowers or leaves and the matching picture frames, you can bring spring into your own home and ensure amazed faces with visitors. This is how you easily create a picture frame with dried flowers and leaves:

Dry or press flowers

First, of course, we need the appropriate flowers or leaves. These can either be flowers from the flower shop around the corner or wild flowers and leaves from the meadow. When choosing flowers, however, trust your personal taste above all.

There are two ways to dry flowers and leaves. Hanging upside down on the stem or laid out in a book:

  • If you want to air dry the flowers - hanging upside down from the style - be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight.
  • Flowers with large, multi-layered blossoms such as roses, daffodils, tulips, poppies or snowdrops are suitable for air drying.

If you prefer to press the flowers in a book, we recommend flat grasses or leaves. The flat structure is more suitable for spreading and the petals still look beautiful when dried. For best results, spread the leaves on a cloth and place a layer of blotting paper between the book page and the leaves. Now close the book and increase the pressure by placing a heavy weight on the book. For best results, we recommend leaving the leaves in the book for up to four weeks.

Framing flowers and leaves

When the flowers or leaves have dried, the last step follows: the flowers and leaves have to be put into the picture frame. Whether you remove the glass from the picture frame is a matter of taste.

For large flower arrangements with full blossoms, we recommend leaving the glass out, as this really brings out the whole look. If you only want to present a few daffodils, leaves or snowdrops in the picture frame, you can leave the glass in the picture frame.

Very important: Before you put the flowers or leaves in the picture frame, you should spray them briefly with hairspray. This will preserve the flowers and leaves and keep them looking "fresh" for longer.

Now dab the flowers and leaves at some points with some liquid glue and then press the flowers or leaves very carefully against the insert paper. After a few hours, you can hang the spring flowers and green leaves in the picture frame on the wall. If you have a deep picture frame, you can also glue the dried flowers or leaves onto the glass pane of the picture frame. This creates a great sculptural effect.

Tip: Do not use the inlay paper that comes with the frame. Cut out an insert paper of the same size from paper and cardboard and glue the flowers onto it. This way, you can reuse the actual background if you want to use the picture frame for other decorations.

Bring spring home

You see: It's not that hard to make your home spring-like. With the appropriate spring motifs as well as spring flowers in the picture frame, you can decoratively chase winter away from the apartment and get in the mood for spring as well as the Easter season with these decoration ideas.