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Tag: Wissenswertes

David Halbe - 23. August 2023

Magnetic picture frame as a door sign

The perfect way to use a picture frame as a door sign Our magnetic frames can be used individually, even outside your own four walls, for example as a door sign. To protect the frames from theft, we have developed various picture security systems that ... . More 

Framed - 25. Juli 2023

4 simple steps to your own picture wall

Bilderwand Inspiration – Erstelle eigene Bilderwände mit Wechselausstellung Frisch in der neuen Wohnung oder einfach noch nicht dazu gekommen, Bilder aufzuhängen? Eine leere Wand breitet sich im Wohnzimmer, Schlafzimmer oder Flur aus und wartet nur ... . More 

David Halbe - 26. Juni 2023

A mount with multiple cut-outs – That's how easy it is.

What is a mount? A mount is a cardboard with one or more cut-outs that is placed between the picture and the glass. The use of a mount opens up additional possibilities for design during the framing process and refines the overall effect of the picture. ... . More 

David Halbe - 21. Juni 2023

Who delivers my frames?

Which shipping companies do we cooperate with? Our picture frames are delivered by different service providers. The first option is delivery by parcel service. The goods are shipped either by GLS or DPD, both of which ship climate neutrally. Delivery ... . More 

David Halbe - 08. April 2023

How to clean picture glass?

Our tips for each type of glass Fingerprints and dirt can put a damper on the perfect picture presentation. Therefore, the glass should be kept clean, just like the picture frame itself. Some types of glass, however, are more difficult to clean than ... . More 

David Halbe - 06. April 2023

How to frame a personalized world map

World maps as decoration: stylishly set the scene for travel memories Traveling to distant countries, getting to know foreign cultures, relaxing the soul and mind, discovering a new perspective on the world: there are many reasons to travel. But ... . More 

David Halbe - 20. März 2023

The art of conservational framing

What should be paid attention to? Anlässlich seiner Einladung zur Ausstellung „Im Detail. Die Welt der Konservierung und Restaurierung“ sprachen wir mit Alexander Fohs - Staatl. gepr. Restaurator für Bibliotheks- und Archivgut und zuständig für ... . More 

David Halbe - 20. März 2023

How to frame breathtaking XXL pictures properly

The somewhat different view of nature Our nature is a jewel, worth protecting and unique. And often it is small details that make this beauty visible. Large format images with extreme sharpness of detail create just these breathtaking, awe-inspiring ... . More 

David Halbe - 20. März 2023

Museum glass - the real look at the picture

A small overview When you look at a picture, you want to view it undisturbed. Because hardly anything can be as disturbing as reflections in the glass surface. Therefore, glass is of enormous importance in framing. It stands between the picture and its ... . More