David Halbe as a guest of Sebastian Schroeder

Once a month, kwerfeldein.de editor Sebastian Schroeder talks about photography with interesting guests from pop culture, the photo industry and politics. The special thing about it is that none of them are photographers themselves. This is the only way to create the eponymous "view from the outside" and the listener gets to know photography from a completely new perspective.

For the September episode, Sebastian brought David Halbe into the studio. Together they talked for an hour about the eventful 75-year history of the company. Because in this anniversary year, HALBE not only looks back on the beginnings and founding days of the company, but still has its sights set on the future in addition to the milestones they were able to set on their way to becoming one of the world's leading quality manufacturers of picture frames. All this always connected with the question: How can you recognize a good frame ?

Are you excited? Then be curious and listen in here .