An exhibition at the f3- freiraum für fotografie

Until May 7, 2023, the exhibition "Intimate History" of the well-known German photographer Thomas Höpker could be seen in the f3 – freiraum für fotografie The exhibition is part of the European Month of Photography in Berlin 2023 and was created in cooperation with the Ernst-Leitz-Museum in Wetzlar.

About the exhibition

Especially in Germany, Thomas Höpker is considered an influential figure in photojournalism. His unique style of photography is characterized by humanism: the main focus of his work is on people themselves. His love of photography has taken Höpker to many countries around the world. Whether it's impressive photos from world metropolises like New York, everyday photographs from the GDR, or images of famine and disease in India, Höpker shies away from nothing. He also knows how to illuminate the darker sides of society and at the same time portray those affected in a respectful manner without demeaning them. Whether black and white or colorful photographs: Höpker has developed a very special style that fascinates. The exhibition "Thomas Höpker - Intimate History" presents numerous well-known photographs of the artist, but also unpublished works.

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About the artist

Thomas Höpker was born in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, in 1936. Already in his youth, the young Höpker was very enthusiastic about art and photography, which is also reflected in his choice of studies: he decided to study art history and archaeology in Göttingen and Munich. Already during his studies he won prizes at the competition Jugend fotografiert at the Photokina. After completing his studies, Höpker participated in numerous photo projects. His breakthrough came with the publication of his photographs of his trip to the USA in 1963 in the magazines twen and Kristall. The attention it attracted landed him a job at the weekly magazine Stern a year later.

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However, this did not prevent him from continuing to take photographs and, later, to shoot film reports. In 1974, Höpker and his wife Eva Windmöller moved to the GDR for three years. The couple made it their mission to document life on the other side of the Wall as realistically as possible. A few years later, the couple emigrated to New York, where Höpker still lives today. Thanks to his impressive artistic work, in 1989 he became the first German photographer to become a full member of the renowned MAGNUM Photos agency, where he later also served as president from 2003 to 2007.

Frames in action

The photographs are framed in Classic frames, consisting of wood 20 strips in black oak. The glass used was a matt / glossy white glass. The photographs were framed together with a white passepartout: the black frame is restrained, but at the same time provides the perfect stage for the photographs in combination with the passepartout.