Impressive motives from North America

The photographer Thomas Bergbold enjoys travelling by the sea or in the mountains - in addition to North America, he also likes to be in the Alps, on Mallorca or in Scandinavia. Therefore he either plans his motifs specifically for these trips or develops them on location. Regardless of the larger photo tours, he almost always has a camera with him in search of an interesting motif.

In his latest exhibition "Moments - coast to coast" he wants to invite the viewers to let their thoughts wander to very special places in the USA and Canada. "Countries like the USA and Canada seem so familiar to us on the one hand, but on the other hand they reveal a completely different life, a completely different world in many places," says Thomas Bergbold.

The pictures in his most recent exhibition were taken on various road trips, mainly through Canada and the USA. Snapshots from everyday life alternate with magnificent nature and places of longing.

Thomas Bergbold has also worked for many years as a specialist journalist and lecturer, including at the Leica Akademie Deutschland. One of his focal points: fine art printing. It is therefore not surprising that he has paid special attention to the high-quality prints in this exhibition.

Bergbold recently showed how he goes from the idea to the planning of a photo trip to the exhibition in a lecture at the Leica Akademie, which was appropriate to the exhibition. This can be found as a recording in the media library of the Leica Akademie .