Artist: Ivo von Renner

Place: Leica Galerie Stuttgart
Date: 27 October 2023 to 13 January 2024

Ivo von Renner fascinates with "Stuttgart theatre and other invented truths"

Renowned Hamburg photographer Ivo von Renner has made a name for himself in the art world for his passion for staged performances and portraits. Between 27 October 2023 and 13 January 2024, the exhibition "Schauspiel Stuttgart und andere erfundene Wahrheiten" ("Stuttgart theatre and other invented truths") took place at the Leica Gallery Stuttgart. In 40 photographs, Ivo von Renner presents his unique perspective and his ability to make the invisible visible. He invited art lovers to discover the world of photography with new eyes.

In his series for Schauspiel Stuttgart, he combines technology, aesthetics and fictional narratives to create a fascinating overall picture. With his Leica SL2 and over five decades of experience, he succeeds in creating unique images that capture the productions of the 2023/24 season in an impressive way. This series is juxtaposed with complementary images from von Renner's previously published series and the stage series "Little Stages", which waited thirty years to be completed and combines colourful scenarios with impressive environments.

©Leica Galerie Stuttgart/Strehlow