City portraits turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

From January 27 to April 8, an exhibition by the successful German photographer Marcus Schwier will be held at the Kunstmuseum Ravensburg. His new series, entitled "City Portraits", focuses on a very particular view of the city of Ravensburg. For the past 20 years, the photographer has been experimenting with the Kodak Aerochrom process, a particular infrared film, with which he has explored the city and captured certain locations photographically.

marcus schwier kunstmuseum ravensburg 2

A new view of familiar places

Marcus Schwier uses the infrared technique to provide a new and altered view of the city. He photographs squares, architecture or streets that seem almost surreal through this technique. Through the process, the colours become very alienated and the familiar becomes something new. Schwier wants to show the viewer with his works that our perception has clear limits and that the whole complexity of reality can never be grasped. His photographs make it possible to take a different perspective and to look at the familiar city in a new way.

marcus schwier kunstmuseum ravensburg 3

Stranger glances

The series "City Portraits" takes place in the Ravensburg Art Museum under the motto "Stranger Glances". This motto fits perfectly to the photographs of Marcus Schwier, because his special technique allows a foreign view on the well-known. The city with its buildings and streets appears very alienated by the special coloring and the strong light-dark contrasts and the viewer has the opportunity to grasp his everyday surroundings more consciously. In the context of the exhibition, the photographs also meet paintings by the expressionist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, which makes for a special interplay in the exhibition. For more information about the photographer and insights into his works, see here: