New technique, new view

The Neue Galerie in the Höhmannhaus in Augsburg has been hosting the exhibition Nature & Destruction by the artist couple Daniel and Geo Fuchs since February 23. Until April 15, visitors can still admire the works exhibited there. What is special about this series of works is that the artists have experimented with a different process for the production. Previously, the artists worked for years with a large-format camera. For the Nature & Destruction series, they made use of the latest technology. A robotic camera developed by Google and Nasa provides the image material. The images created with this camera are assembled from many individual shots to form a new overall image.

Fuchs 2018 03 16 06

In the process, the flair of large-format photography is nevertheless retained and the artists also remain true to their style with this procedure.

Fascinating and mysterious

The images created by this process are unique in their colouring and thus stand out in a special way. The images have an extreme sharpness, which makes them particularly realistic to look at. The combination of these elements creates a very special atmosphere. The central aspect that the artist couple Fuchs wants to address with this is to think about and discuss the preservation and destruction of nature.

"Our work is always about an intense contemplation, a slow approach - whether it's objects, spaces or landscapes - we internalize the places or objects we work on because we spend a lot of time there - so they become 'our' objects - 'our' places."

Fuchs 2018 03 16 14

Frames in action

The series is presented inConservo magnetic frames by HALBE. In addition to the design aspects, the artists chose HALBE because of the stable construction of the "XL" magnetic frames, which has been thought out down to the smallest detail: for example, the large-format frames have special braces to brace the back wall of the frame - a literally (in)visible advantage when hanging works consisting of several framed pictures to form one large picture without spacing. The quality therefore not only pays off in the framing, but is also clearly and permanently experienced by the viewer in the exhibition and the buyer of the artwork. The profiles used are Alu 18 and Alu 15, black matt anodized and rectangular in shape. The particularly noble and simple design of the frames fits ideally into the presented objects and the different and special colourings in the pictures thus come to the fore. Thus the picture frames offer the works an optimal stage.