Classic Magnetic Frame, Alu 8, Silver matt
Classic-Magnetic Frame
Framing and Deployment The HALBE Classic was developed as the first frame to open and close magnetically. Like this, flat works of paper can be inserted from the front, without shifting or tools. Drawings, photographs, prints or...
From €16.15
B1 Magnetic Frame, Aluminium 8, Silver matt
B1 Magnetic Frame
Framing and Deployment The low-flammable HALBE B1 magnetic frame provides fire protection in public and semi-public functional buildings, e. g. public authority buildings, schools, universities, hotels, companies or other buildings with...
From €24.85
Distance Magnetic Frame, Aluminium 8, Silver matt
Distance-Magnetic Frame
Framing and Deployment Whether at home, at the office, in galleries or museums – with the HALBE Distance magnetic frame you can present 3D objects or sensitive art without touching the glass – for a striking depth effect. A brilliant...
From €27.10
Conservo Magnetic Frame, Aluminium 8, Silver matt
Conservo-Magnetic Frame
Framing and Deployment For museums and private collections of particularly valuable delicate art the HALBE Conservo was developed in collaboration with restaurators. A certified PAT tested KLUG corrugated board meets even highest...
From €27.45
Display Magnetic Frame, Aluminium 12, Silver matt
Display-Magnetic Frame
Einrahmen und Einsatz Das Einlegen und Wechseln eines Posters oder Plakats geht beim HALBE Display Magnetrahmen einfach und schnell. Dafür sorgen das magnetische Öffnen und Schließen sowie das leichte Abnehmen des Profilrahmens mit dem...
From €30.60
Protect Magnetic Frame, Aluminium 18, Silver matt
Protect-Magnetic Frame
Einrahmen und Einsatz Der HALBE Protect schützt durch eine konstante relative Luftfeuchtigkeit im Inneren vor schädlichem und wechselndem Klima. Empfindliche Kunstwerke sind so immer und überall sicher – ob in musealen Ausstellungen an...
From €149.70