David Halbe on the Importance of Picture Frames

Timeless picture frames have been playing a major role in interior design again for some time now. The trend is moving away from pictures on acrylic glass or other materials, and back to the classic framed picture. Why are picture frames still such a popular design element?

The picture becomes the star

The right picture frame flatters the picture and gives it the perfect stage. This opens up possibilities in picture selection for living spaces. It's not just sophisticated photographs or expressive paintings that deserve a place on the living room wall. With private snapshots, your home gets a more personal touch.

"Photography thrives on capturing one of our most beautiful moments in life and preserving it for eternity."

Nowadays, smartphones take great snapshots of our loved ones or our last holiday. These can be easily yet effectively enhanced. Stylishly framed in sleek, classic shapes, the photos become more than just a souvenir. A picture wall made up of the most diverse photos can - under the right conditions - harmonise without appearing overloaded. Here, individuality becomes a design element.

Timeless furnishings with clear forms

In addition, the perfect picture frame creates the connection between the picture and the room. If you draw on the colours and materials of the rest of the furnishings when designing frames, almost any picture will blend stylishly into the room. If you want to decorate for the long term, choose discreet picture frames with narrow, angular profiles in aluminium - or wood.

"Our most popular design is over 45 years old and fits the current art objects like it did on the very first day."

Wood has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity in interior design for some time. Light wood is modern and exudes warmth. Combined with the straightforward Bauhaus style of our picture frames, it becomes a timeless furnishing item.

However, this does not mean that discreet picture frames have to be boring. Quite the opposite: with clear lines and high-quality materials, you have limitless composition possibilities. Whether with colourful accents, a mix of materials or unusual arrangements - classic picture frames are the perfect way to showcase the most beautiful photographs.

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