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David Halbe - 08. April 2023

How to clean picture glass?

Our tips for each type of glass Fingerprints and dirt can put a damper on the perfect picture presentation. Therefore, the glass should be kept clean, just like the picture frame itself. Some types of glass, however, are more difficult to clean than ... . More 

David Halbe - 30. September 2022

Sascha Hüttenhain

Der freischaffende Siegener Fotograf Sascha Hüttenhain legt seinen Fokus gerne auf Lifestyle, Werbung, People und Mode. In seinem Studio Zwo präsentiert er nicht ganz alltägliche Portraits. Durch die Rahmung im schwarzen HALBE DISTANCE Magnetrahmen mit ... . More 

David Halbe - 30. September 2022

XL formats can now be ordered online

Up to 1400 x 2500 mm From now on CLASSIC, DISTANCE, CONSERVO and DISPLAY picture frames up to 1400 x 2500 mm can be ordered online, due to the size exclusively with acrylic glass. Optionally with passepartout in thickness 1,5 mm, in white, old white or ... . More 

David Halbe - 28. September 2022

Picture presentation with CLASSIC and DISTANCE

What are the possibilities? "Come on, let's hang this picture.""But where?""Well, over that sideboard, there's plenty of room.""But you need a passepartout, and then the picture is way too big."Many conversations on the subject of wall design at home or ... . More 

Tim Hensel - 26. September 2022

Floating above things

Easy and fast framing in DISTANCE with gudy® When framing a picture, a few technical tips might help - for example, it's important to pay attention to where the glue is applied. Tools also make the work easier. That's why we would like to ... . More 

David Halbe - 17. Mai 2022

Torkwase Dyson exhibition

Kunstmuseum Derneburg Castle In her paintings, drawings and sculpture, American artist, Torkwase Dyson explores relationships between bodily movement, geography and architecture, with a focus on the ways that black and brown bodies perceive and negotiate ... . More 

David Halbe - 27. Januar 2022

Do I have to fix a picture in the frame?

Do I have to fix pictures in the picture frame? We are often asked whether pictures need to be fixed in the picture frame, and what the best way to do this is. There are many different ways to mount pictures in the frame - we'll show you what's ... . More 

David Halbe - 19. Januar 2022

Properly hang pictures in the stairwell

Beautiful pictures make every staircase a little more homely in an instant. Whether elegant artworks, impressive photographs or family portraits: they add colour to the otherwise neutrally painted walls and set a good mood. We will show you what is important ... . More 

David Halbe - 14. Januar 2022

Great moments. Simply framed.

Capture unforgettable moments forever Life is full of beautiful, unique moments that need to be captured - nothing is better for this than a framed picture. Magnetic frames from HALBE are custom-made to the millimeter in Germany. To celebrate these ... . More