About the German School in Madrid

The German School Madrid was founded in 1896 and is a German school abroad, which is intended as a meeting place for both German and Spanish students. It offers German students a piece of home abroad, while Spanish students have the opportunity to learn the language and experience German culture first hand. The school has a very good reputation and enjoys a very high standing even beyond the German community in Madrid. The German School Madrid consists of a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school, where students can obtain a secondary school diploma as well as a high school diploma. The total number of students is currently around 1500 from 22 different countries, but most of the students are of Spanish origin.

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The new building

In the summer of 2015, the new school building, which has been under construction since 2012, was completed and was ready for occupation on October 9, 2015. The new school building is located in Montecarmelo on the northern outskirts of Madrid. The site is around 35,000 square meters in size and offers space for around 1400 students with a canteen, cafeteria, auditorium, multiple gymnasium and underground parking, as well as a kindergarten with space for 300 children. The new building has a very modern design and is well thought out down to the smallest detail. Perforated roofs and polygonal sky openings provide optimal protection for the students from excessive sunlight. Incisions ensure that a cooling air flow creates a pleasant climate. Particular emphasis is placed on energy-efficient supply and the use of renewable energies.

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Frames in action

In its new building, the German School Madrid uses special, flame-retardant B1 magnetic frames with the profiles Alu 8 and Alu 14 in natural matt. The formats used are 600x800 cm, as well as 800x1000cm, with passepartouts. The B1 fire protection frame is particularly suitable for public buildings, such as schools, offices or hotels, because it stands for preventive fire protection and thus increases safety. The magnetic frame prevents the spread of fire and smoke and the development of fires. Thanks to the magnetic frame principle, the B1 frame is also easy to frame from the front.

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