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External dimension
210 x 210 mm
External dimension
210 x 210 mm
Individual format
Your desired dimension is available as a standard format. Please select the standard format from the list!
With our HALB passe-partout configurator you can choose the placing of your individual cut-out to be entirely free or one of three pre-set options: "central", "optical centre" and "golden cut": More Information here
1,5 mm
1,5 mm
Color Cardboard
Color Cardboard
Add cutout
Add cutout
Width 210 mm
Height 210 mm
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Hinweis:Sie erhalten einen gestalterischen Vorschlag für das aktuell gewählte Rahmenformat, den Sie nachträglich im Konfigurator editieren können
Option 2: Design your own passepartout
All dimensions width mm x height mm Passe-partout cut-out
dimensions in mm
Please note:
The width and height of the cutout should be 10 mm less (5 mm less all-round) than your picture so you can mount it without any white bits sticking out.
B 210 mm
H 210 mm
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Border width


Weiß, 1,5 mm, 210 x 210

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Size: 210 x 210 mm

The 21 x 21 cm square is highly popular. It corresponds to a DIN A 4 format (210 x 297 mm), cut to a square.

Strength: 1,5 mm

The most popular material thickness for a bevelled passepartout. In combination with most paper thicknesses of pictures, it fits into any type of frame without having to adjust the insertion depth of the magnetic frame individually.

Color Cardboard: White

The brightest of our three white colours. With its optical brightener, white is the ideal cardboard colour tone for offset and similar papers with a high degree of whiteness. If your paper is rather warm-toned, antique white or natural white is usually recommended.

Type: Passepartout

The passe-partout is a museum cardboard with a window opening made to measure, manufactured with a bevelled cut. In terms of design, it puts the picture in the centre and creates a distance between the picture and the glass.


What is a passepartout?

A passepartout is a background cardboard cut out in the middle. This is placed in your picture frame between the picture and the glass. The size and position of the cut-out can be freely defined.

A high-quality passepartout offers additional design freedom within the frame. In this way it is an additional frame for your picture and additionally enhances the overall impression. The matching passepartout to the picture can thus provide a reinforcing effect. But there is another decisive advantage: a picture can be optimally fitted into an existing frame with the help of an individual passepartout.

Buying museum quality mounts - What does that mean?

HALBE only uses certified museum-quality passepartout boards from KLUG Conservation. These are resistant to ageing, free of woody fibres and highly light-resistant. They actively protect the artwork and ensure a valuable appearance. You can order the matching picture frame right here in our shop! So you can buy your ideal mounts from us and enhance your wall design.

What is the advantage of a bevel-cut passepartout?

With a bevel-cut passepartout, the work can unfold multi-dimensionally. At the same time, when used with a picture frame, it prevents the glass from resting directly on the object. A carefully executed bevel cut of the inner edges conveys a certain depth and avoids shadows on the picture. A thickness of 3 mm instead of 1.5 mm enhances this effect.

The additional distance between the picture and the frame makes the framing larger overall. The eye is actively drawn to the picture. Framing with a passepartout is not for nothing the most original form of picture presentation.

Which passepartout-colours offers HALBE?

With HALBE you get five different colours. The three white tones (white, antique white, natural white) fit almost all motifs. A solid grey or black passepartout is used when a clearer distinction is required. Thus your passepartout is colored completely after your conceptions.

The pure white shade goes well with light motifs and glossy photo papers. Old white is a very neutral and slightly muted shade of white that goes well with fine art papers. Natural white, with its slightly yellowish tint, goes well with older or darker papers. Our tip: tend to choose the cardstock colour a shade darker than the paper of your image.

passepartout made to measure - What is possible?

Every image is different and deserves a custom passepartout made to measure. Each passepartout is custom made for you individually at HALBE-frames. Both the outer format and the picture cut-out are determined by you to the millimetre - at no extra charge.

The individual cut can be as desired - with one or more cutouts - up to 1800 x 2500 millimeters. Order your passepartout made to measure!

Passepartout made to measure - What size do I need?

The passepartout size depends on your picture and your frame. The outer format is based on the glass size of your picture frame. The cut-out is based on the dimensions of your picture. You can determine both dimensions individually in our configurator and customize your passepartout online according to your wishes.

Experience shows that a harmonious passe-partout width is approximately 10-12 % of the dimension of the longer side. The passe-partout cut-out should also be 5 mm smaller all round than your picture. This ensures that the picture is well covered by passepartout.

For a visually appealing design, you can test different placements in the configurator. Use one of the three pre-configured options "Centre", "Optical centre" and "Golden section" or specify your own border widths.


How to order your passepartout online

  • Select the desired external format from our standard formats, or specify your desired format. Simply enter the desired size in the corresponding fields.
  • After you have determined the external format, enter the desired image section at the top of the configurator. We recommend to choose this about 10 mm smaller than your picture. This way, your motif will be covered by the bevelled cut of the passepartout all around by 5 mm later on. This makes it easier to mount the picture without losing too much of the motif.
  • Now you can change the placement of the cut-out using one of the pre-configured options. You can also adjust the border widths manually. Often the image is centered, but a slight shift upwards (optical center) is more exciting.
  • Now determine the thickness, the type (passepartout or hinged passepartout) and the desired cardboard colour. That's it! For 3 mm thick passepartouts and hinged passepartouts, make sure that there is sufficient insertion depth in your magnetic frame (the backing board of the hinged passepartout is 0.75 mm thick)

Alternatively: Order passepartouts using the "Excel order form"

If you would like to order a large number of different passepartouts, please use our Excel order form. You will find it in the "Downloads" tab. You can use it to conveniently enter your data and send it by e-mail to HALBE.


Advantages & properties of our passepartouts

Extract from the KLUG quality guarantee:

  • Made by KLUG-Conservation
  • 100 % bleached cellulose
  • without the usage of recycling fibres
  • free of wooden fibres
  • lignin-free
  • acid-free (in accordance with DIN ISO 6588-1:2012)
  • Alkaline buffer > 3 % natural calcium carbonate (GCC)
  • Photographic Activity Test (PAT) passed in accordance with ISO 18916:2007
  • highest level of permanency LDK 24-85
  • Glue used for lamination free of solvents and plasticizers (softening agents)


  • DIN EN ISO 9706
  • ANSI/NISO Z39.48
  • DIN 6738:2007

Sizes, thickness and colours:

  • can be ordered online from 130 x 130 mm up to 1200 x 1400 mm
  • Passepartouts available in thickness 1.5 and 3.0 mm
  • larger formats possible on request
  • 1.50 mm thickness, up to 1200 x 1400 mm: White, Antique white, Natural white, Grey, Black
  • 1.50 mm thickness, up to 1400 x 2500 mm: White, Antique white, Natural white
  • 2.60 mm thickness: up to 1800 x 2500 mm: Antique white, Natural white
  • 3.00 mm thickness: up to 1200 x 1400 mm: White, Antique white, Natural white, Black


Available downloads:


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A satisfied customer says

Michael B 16 Aug 2021

This is not my first…

This is not my first order for matting and will not be the last. The quality is exactly as expected, craftsmanship of the products excellent. Packaging is outstanding and a fine protection of the matting. Halbe's large selection of matting makes it easy for me to define exactly according to my wishes and, if I'm undecided, their nicely designed website offers a wealth of suggestions and examples. Thank you, Halbe!


A critical customer says

Peter B 17 Jun 2020

Ich hatte 2 Mal eine…

Ich hatte 2 Mal eine kleine schwarze Faser im PP. Einmal habe ich reklamiert und sofort Ersatz bekommen, beim 2. Mal war sie so klein, dass es nicht weiter auffällt.

27 Nov 2021

Alles gut soweit.

Alles gut soweit.

25 Nov 2021

Perfekt geschnitten.…

Perfekt geschnitten. Perfekte Oberfläche

24 Nov 2021

Die Rahmen halten immer…

Die Rahmen halten immer was sie versprechen. Ich habe zum ersten Mal ein Passepartout bestellt und meine Bestellung wurde sehr schnell und sauber bearbeitet. Vielen Dank.

24 Nov 2021


Maßanfertigung unproblematisch.

24 Nov 2021

Ich habe zum ersten mal…

Ich habe zum ersten mal mit Passepartout bestellt. Super!

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