Zingst as a center of photography

The peninsula of Zingst in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was the venue of the environmental photo festival "horizonte zingst" for the 11th time from 26 May to 3 June and is an ideal meeting place for photo enthusiasts of all kinds every year. Here, well-known as well as amateur photographers exhibit their works. The program is very diverse and leaves nothing to be desired. The focus is always on man and his relationship to landscape, flora and fauna. Many of the impressive photographs have been exhibited for years in HALBE magnetic frames. This year we were especially pleased to be able to frame the outstanding works from the series "Into the Light" by Tom Jacobi.

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About Tom Jacobi

Tom Jacobi was born in Bonn in 1956. At the age of 15 he got his very first camera. After studying law, he began his career in photography as a portrait photographer, focusing on portraits of German politicians. In 1977 he had his breakthrough at Stern magazine, for which he worked as a photographer until 1986. In the following years Jacobi worked as a freelance photographer in the USA, until he returned to Germany after 14 years, in 2000, where he again landed at Stern and started there as an art director. Since 2008 Tom Jacobi has been working as a photo artist in Hamburg. In 2014 he started working on a photo trilogy, which includes the exhibition "Into the light", which was presented at "horizonte zingst". The two other works from his trilogy are called "Grey Matter(s)" and "The Light Within".

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„Into the light“

"Into the light" is a tribute to our planet earth and to nature. Tom Jacobi presented us with this photo series archaic landscapes that seem to stop time for a brief moment. The motifs were created on a journey through seven different parts of the world. Jacobi deliberately refrains from using strong colours and concentrates mainly on the effect and symbolism of colour white, which stands for stability and hope. The photographs were taken in a naturally occurring light situation and thus seem to be literally filled with light and thus radiate an atmospheric mood.


Frames in action

These unique photographs were presented in aluminium frames , with a profile 14 in white matt. The dimensions are 140x100 cm.

David Halbe in an interview about Tom Jacobi's "Into the light":