Since April 8, the exhibition IMMER GRUEN (Always Green) is on display in the Foyer West at the Palmenhaus in the Palmengarten Frankfurt. Visitors can marvel at the Palmenhaus watercolors by artist Patricia Winter. With her works, Winter presents her own perspective on nature and architecture in the Palmengarten. Her watercolours are characterised by an impressionistic lightness and delicate brushwork. Patricia Winter depicts the palm trees in a special way. The works appear very fragile due to the special play with light and show a certain fleetingness. This gives the viewer a completely new view of the palm garden.

The artist

Patricia Winter was born in Flörsheim am Main in 1963 and studied communication design in Wiesbaden. She has been working as an artist in Frankfurt since 1991. In the Palmenhaus watercolours, she focuses on the interplay between the architecture and nature of the Palmengarten. Her approach is particularly astonishing. She works without sketches or auxiliary lines, but paints directly with the brush on paper. Through the detailed depiction, she allows the viewer a special experience, in which he is deeply immersed in the picture. The works sometimes seem almost transparent, creating a special relationship, a kind of symbiosis, between the painted and the watercolour paper.

Frames in action

Patricia Winter's impressive watercolours were framed in HALBE frames, which ideally support the effect. The watercolors are available for purchase. The exhibition is open until 29 April 2018.