Project exhibition in the Basilica Palladina

On May 12, the Basilica Palladiana in Vincenza opened its doors for an exhibition of projects by David Chipperfield Architects. On display are around 20 current and recently completed projects from the various offices in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai. Until 2 September, visitors will be able to view the diversity and range of the architectural practice.

The exhibition

The exhibition shows the various projects in their different stages of development. Sketches, early models and design details are on display, as well as drawings from the final phase of the projects and photographs and films.

2 david chipperfield

The way the exhibition is presented clearly shows that the architectural practice focuses on a purposeful approach to cultural, professional and intellectual challenges. In particular, the central exhibition space focuses on the characteristics and design ideas of ongoing projects. With the exhibition in Vincenza, the architectural practice aims to highlight their design and creative processes, thus making their values and ideas accessible to visitors. Among the projects presented are, for example, the Royal Academy of Arts in London, a major refurbishment of the New National Gallery, and the James Simon Gallery in Berlin, among many others. A catalogue in English and Italian is also available for the exhibition.

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About David Chipperfield Architects

David Chipperfield Architects was founded in London in 1985. Since then, a wide range of international projects of all kinds have been completed. These include cultural and residential buildings, both private and public, educational institutions, public projects and many more. In 1998, a second office opened in Berlin, followed by another in Shanghai in 2005 and a final office in Milan in 2006. The exhibition provides an overview of the main works of the office since its foundation and thus gives the visitor an impression of the philosophy of the architectural office. The exhibition is presented in HALBE picture frames.