„Cento“ about antique architecture

American artist and photographer James Welling is currently presenting his new exhibition "Cento" at the Musée des Arts Contemporains in Grand-Hornu, Belgium. Until August 29, visitors can experience the artist's photographic works on ancient architecture and statues.

The exhibition

The title "Cento" refers to a practice according to which a new text is created from various verses, stanzas and quotations from other authors. This type of text has been around since ancient times. Welling began photographing isolated pieces of ancient statues and architectural structures in 2018. His photographic process breathes new life into ancient works of art.

The result is something to behold: At the MAC's, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Grand-Hornu, Belgium, the exhibition can be experienced until Aug. 29. The photographs were framed in Classic magnetic frames Alu8 in white. 3mm thick passepartouts enclose each image and give it space to unfold its full effect.

Further information about the exhibition can be found on the MAC's website.

HALBE international

HALBE Rahmen manufactures every picture frame to order, accurate to size, directly in the factory in Kirchen (RLP Germany). Thanks to our Print & Framing partners, however, our picture frames can be ordered exactly as desired far beyond Germany. The 75 CLASSIC frames for Cento were also ordered through the Sonja Roesch Gallery in Houston, Texas.

© Images: James Welling, http://jameswelling.net