Expressive photos in an unusual environment

A free cultural institute In Innsbruck, Austria, that calls itself "The Bakery"(Die Bäckerei), exhibits ocean pictures by photographer David Steinbacher. They are part of a series of 1200x1200mm ocean pictures aptly presented in timeless, simple Halbe picture frames. The contrast between power and calm in the motifs that are shown in this unusual environment - an old bakery - is extraordnary. An interesting game of old and new!

Baeckerei Foehnfest Adria I
Baeckerei Foehnfest Ligurisches Meer II1 e1674820233497

The photos Ligurisches Meer II (Portofino) 2016 (first image) and the photo Adria I (Triest) 2015 (second image) are part of the large-format ocean pictures David Steinmacher has been working on for several years.

exhibition view Ligurisches Meer II
exhibition view Origami 02

In his studio, the series of marine images can also be seen (left). The photograph of origami is a newer series of images that is just emerging and growing (right).

Photographed by: David Steinbacher