Living hygge: How the Danes' happiness works

The more stressful everyday life and the more unsettled the times, the greater the personal need for retreat into a small, intact world. The Danish term "Hygge" summarizes the comprehensive desire for peace, coziness, harmony and togetherness in one word and is considered the living and lifestyle trend of the last year. Hygge describes an attitude to life that is expressed, among other things, in home furnishings but also in the time spent together with friends and the way of thinking. We explain the Nordic trend and give tips on how to make your home really hygge!

Hygge is synonymous with the Danish recipe for happiness and that's where we like to take a bit of a leaf out of the book, as studies consistently rank Scandinavians among the happiest people in the world. If you try to translate the term, German terms like Gemütlichkeit or Geborgenheit would probably come closest to the feeling described. But hygge is not a feeling or a living trend, but an all-encompassing concept of life that can be lived in winter as well as in summer. So lounging on a picnic blanket in the park with friends can be just as hyggelig as a contemplative evening with the family in front of the fireplace.

Hygge also refers to a reflection on traditional values and offers a place of retreat in a globalised world. The private sphere provides security and safety. It allows you to banish oppressive topics such as politics, the economy or personal matters from your life for a few hours. Those who live Hygge try to minimize the digital life. Meeting friends and real conversations are more important than digital devices. Why not cook and invite friends over or spend a relaxing evening with a good book instead of hanging out in front of the TV?


The most important hygge factors


Tidiness, dim candlelight, pleasant music - all these create a hygge atmosphere


Ensure peaceful togetherness, put your own ego aside from time to time


Just make yourself comfortable and let your soul dangle

Being together

Taking time for your surroundings and spending time with loved ones


Being constantly glued to your screen is not hygge, turn off your phone and live in the here and now


Being mindful and grateful for the circumstances in which you live


In some moments, contentious issues like politics just have to stay out of it


Delicious, home-cooked food and good drinks with friends - it doesn't get any better than that


The home becomes a very personal retreat and friends & family provide support


The Hygge living trend: It's getting cosy now

Feeling comfortable within your own four walls is an elementary factor in being a balanced and contented person. That's why, in addition to the hygge lifestyle, there is also a living trend that combines all these factors and turns the home into a cosy nest. The most important ingredient for the hygge interior is an interior style that pleases and invites relaxation. To make the home friendly,  Scandinavian style works a lot with bright colours and pastel shades, linear designs and natural materials.  The light source is also crucial: no one can relax in neon light. Instead,  dimmed light, candles and tea lights in all variations, fairy lights or even an open fire  create a relaxed hygge feeling.

Framed pictures, plants and sensual materials make the home hyggelig

Harmonious colours, sensual materials and tidiness greatly help to relax the mind. That's why people love clean geometric shapes when it comes to Skandi chic. Coordinated pictures or picture compositions help to convey a desired mood. For example, graphic prints or depictions of nature are popular and look particularly good in elegant, understated picture frames in black or white. In order to break up the clear lines of geometric pictures and furnishings, the Hygge living style works with indoor plants and natural materials. Fluffy wool, sisal baskets and (faux) fur complete the relaxed interior.

hygge 02

Hygge is what you make of it

Since it's all about relaxation and well-being, following the instructions in the numerous books on the lifestyle trend meticulously is certainly not the way to go when it comes to hygge. Nevertheless, the Hygge trend is a good opportunity to take a step back from the stresses of everyday life and focus on important values such as enjoying time with family and friends. The Danes' recipe for happiness is certainly a good inspiration for this!