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Tag: Trends & Ideen

David Halbe - 23. August 2023

Magnetic picture frame as a door sign

The perfect way to use a picture frame as a door sign Our magnetic frames can be used individually, even outside your own four walls, for example as a door sign. To protect the frames from theft, we have developed various picture security systems that ... . More 

Framed - 25. Juli 2023

4 simple steps to your own picture wall

Bilderwand Inspiration – Erstelle eigene Bilderwände mit Wechselausstellung Frisch in der neuen Wohnung oder einfach noch nicht dazu gekommen, Bilder aufzuhängen? Eine leere Wand breitet sich im Wohnzimmer, Schlafzimmer oder Flur aus und wartet nur ... . More 

David Halbe - 06. April 2023

How to frame a personalized world map

World maps as decoration: stylishly set the scene for travel memories Traveling to distant countries, getting to know foreign cultures, relaxing the soul and mind, discovering a new perspective on the world: there are many reasons to travel. But ... . More 

David Halbe - 16. Juni 2021

How to frame jerseys elegantly

The special jersey frame from HALBE We all have one or the other item with a particularly high emotional value in our closet. Whether it's your child's first onesie, costumes from performances, or jerseys from your favorite team - they deserve a place of ... . More 

David Halbe - 20. Mai 2021

How to frame Rizzi's 3D works

What is important to consider when framing? The 3D constructions of Pop Art artist James Rizzi, who died in 2011, are known all over the world. Rizzi designed countless of his characteristically colourful 3D works over the course of his extraordinary ... . More 

David Halbe - 06. Mai 2021

Mimes, flowers, beautiful women

A rediscovered collection From May to August, the Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle (Saale) will be showing around 80 Japanese woodblock prints that have recently been rediscovered in the museum's Graphic Arts Collection. All the important aspects and facets ... . More 

David Halbe - 26. April 2021

"Special hanging" with HALBE Rahmen

Following photographic traces The possibilities for wall design with picture frames are endless. Dr. Wilfried Forschner proves this in his practice. In the 80s, the dentist acquired a photo series of Biberach (South Germany), taken by local photographer ... . More 

David Halbe - 17. Februar 2021

Bilderrahmen im Regal

Tips for the perfect arrangement Whether it's a short board or a long shelf space - if you pack a shelf full of books, it will look very squat and not particularly attractive. A nice change are picture frames in which you present a charming saying, a ... . More 

David Halbe - 28. Oktober 2020

ALPENFLORA by Cordula Flegel

ALPENFLORA at Hotel Ameron Neuschwanstein The ALPENFLORA series by Cordula Flegel ( is presented in 89 newly built rooms at the Hotel Ameron Neuschwanstein near Lake Alpsee. The photojournalist from Upper Bavaria mainly photographs ... . More