About the artist and exhibition

The artist Judith Clara, born in Saarbrücken, Germany, creates works of art from a single line with her One Line Art. Until December 20th she will be exhibiting her works under the title "Strichmädchen" at the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz. The main theme in her works is the woman as a unique and fascinating creature. As soon as her pencil touches the paper, it is not set down again until the work of art has been completed. The line, which cannot be changed afterwards, makes each painting absolutely unique and fascinates with its very personal expression.

Her working materials include papers in small and large formats, ink pencils, brushes and paint. A high degree of concentration is required before every drawing, because only by absolutely focusing on the inner imagination can the transfer onto the paper take place. With a flowing and courageous movement, the line becomes lively, dynamic and at the same time feminine.

Bekannt wurde Sie mit Ihrer Kunst über das Internet (z.B.: instagram.com/banjoclara)

Frames in action

CLASSIC picture frames from HALBE in the wood 10 maple white finish were used. The light and unobtrusive wooden strip optimally supports the filigree and lightness in the works. The passepartouts emphasise the drawings even more clearly and place them in the centre of attention.