A journey through the history of mankind

The Archaeological Museum Hamburg presented the special exhibition "LIGHT MY FIRE - MENSCH MACHT FEUER" ("LIGHT MY FIRE - MAN MAKES FIRE") from 11 October 2023 to 28 April 2024. The focus is on one of mankind's most important discoveries: fire.

It has shaped our history and fuelled human innovation. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through human history that would have been impossible without the groundbreaking discovery of fire. Based on archaeological evidence, the technical use of fire and its fundamental role as the basis for today's industry and the information age are highlighted. The exhibition not only shows exhibits on light and fire, but also displays, photos of Palaeolithic cave paintings and experimental stations. The impressive photographs were framed in picture frames by HALBE.

©AMH, Photographer: M. Pfisterer

Geschichte des Feuers präsentiert in schwarzen Rahmen von HALBE.