Artist: Paul Kooiker

Place: Foam Museum Amsterdam
Date: 9. December 2022 until 12. February 2023

The fascinating world of fashion photography presented at the Foam Museum

Artist Kooiker presented a mix of personal works and fashion photography in his exhibition "Fashion" at Foam. His photos are characterized by an uncanny sense of timelessness, often giving viewers the impression that the images could be from different decades.

The exhibition "FASHION" by Paul Kooiker takes a fascinating look at the world of fashion and beauty.

In his fashion commissions, Kooiker deliberately breaks with established beauty standards. In doing so, he blurs classic gender roles by having his models strike unconventional poses and often leaving their faces outside the frame of the picture, thus obscuring their identities.

Interestingly, Kooiker uses an iPhone for his work. However, he uses this seemingly ordinary tool to create a unique parallel world that cannot be copied. The exhibition "FASHION" presents a wide range of images from his fashion commissions and forms an immersive installation. It acts like a hall of mirrors, freezing the rapid pace of the fashion industry while revealing the absurdity of human vanity and desire.

Zahlreiche Werke der Ausstellung FASHION - präsentiert in HALBE Rahmen.
©Foam. Photo: Christian van der Kooy