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From April 01 to October 31, 2023, art lovers and culture enthusiasts will have a special opportunity to visit an exhibition about the works and life of artist and poster artist Ib Antoni - presented in HALBE frames. To mark the 50th anniversary of his death, the Copenhagen Museum and Antoni Legacy have teamed up to showcase many of his fascinating works. The exhibition "When Copenhagen became "wonderful" - The poster artist Ib Antoni" is a premiere, as it not only showcases Antoni's famous posters, but also provides a unique insight into the process of creating his artworks. From the first sketches on a napkin, through drawings, personal objects and letters, to the final poster, visitors can experience the artist's development and talent up close for the first time.

The poster exhibition: Wonderful Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the charming capital of Denmark, is nowadays known for its picturesque canals and historic buildings. But how did the city come to be known worldwide as "Wonderful Copenhagen"? The answer lies, in part, in the iconic posters, billboards, drawings and designs of talented artist Ib Antoni, who pursued an impressive career as a poster artist and commercial illustrator from the 1950s to the 1970s. Although his name has been forgotten over time, the Museum of Copenhagen pays tribute to the artist with a fascinating exhibition that offers a comprehensive look at Ib Antoni's life and work.

About Poster Artist Ib Antoni

Ib Antoni was born in 1929 in the Danish city of Esbjerg, but grew up in Aarhus, where he would later learn the profession of advertising designer. His talent for art was quickly discovered, which helped him achieve worldwide fame and earned the artist the nickname "the Great Dane".

Antoni's works particularly reflect the period after the Second World War, when Copenhagen faced great challenges. The city was experiencing rapid development, new housing and shops were springing up, but many historic buildings were also close to decay.

As part of a large-scale promotional campaign by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs he was instrumental in presenting Denmark, and Copenhagen in particular, as attractive travel destinations. His posters present an idealised image of a fairytale city, while contemporary photos in the exhibition also show the reality of the time - a fascinating juxtaposition.

The campaign was a great success and attracted many tourists to the Danish capital. His impressive works were exhibited in metropolises around the globe and continue to generate great enthusiasm to this day. Unfortunately, Antoni was to die in a tragic fire at the Hafnia Hotel in Copenhagen as early as 1973, at the height of his career.

"Ib Antoni was a very talented advertising designer from Esbjerg who had a short, dramatic and very successful life. A clear and obvious talent"

Per Arnoldi (artist and colleague of Ib Antoni)
5 Poster ausgestellt im Kopenhagener Museum
Photo: Museum of Copenhagen

A return to the public

Antoni's drawings were forgotten in an attic for decades after his tragic death in Copenhagen, which led to the once renowned artist's name being almost completely forgotten. But thanks to the initiative of his nephew Anton, the treasures have been made accessible to the art world again. Together with the gallery owner Mikael Hauberg, the idea was born to present Ib Antoni's works to the public. The book "The Man Who Drew Denmark", written by journalist Sara Alfort, brought the story of Ib Antoni back to life in 2021 and paved the way for the exhibition in 2023.

The exhibition at the Copenhagen Museum is a tribute to the extraordinary artist and a time when Copenhagen and Denmark were made "wonderful". Ib Antoni's works are still timeless after decades and continue to impress thousands of people. It is time to once again put the spotlight on the man behind the works and to honor his legacy.

HALBE picture frames in action

The numerous works in the exhibition were framed in HALBE magnetic frames. Black Conservo and Conservo-Distance picture frames in aluminum 14 with BS 1 R and BS4 picture locks were used.
They protect the artworks in the frame from unauthorized opening, falling down or unwanted removal from the wall. Furthermore, the frames are equipped with mounts in Natural white.
The frames were ordered in various formats: All of them were individually adapted to the particular exhibit.

11 Poster der Ausstellung Wonderful Copenhagen
Photo: Museum of Copenhagen

With the help of our picture frame configurator you too can design your individual picture frame easily and conveniently from home.

The exhibition designer Elias Lewinsky as well as the conservator Sonia Jacques are enthusiastic about the conservation qualities, but also the look of the HALBE frames. Both share their positive experiences with us:

"The black alumnium frames from Halbe have a great and clean aesthetic which complement the graphic art well and denotes a clear line between wall and frame. Together with the passepartouts which Halbe also produced they feel almost like small display cases, and they are a fitting home for works of art of high quality."

Elias Lewinsky

"Halbe Frames high quality conservation-grade solutions allowed us to protect and ensure the integrity of the many graphical pieces exhibited in our exhibition. The materials and framing methods used were designed with 100% consideration for the conservation requirements and the front mounting system allowed for creative and lower risk mounting techniques for the fragile artworks.

Adhering to the highest conservation standards, Halbe frames customized solutions minimize the potential chemical or physical damage by using quality acid free boards, inert frame materials and UV protective glass."

Sonia Jacques
7 Poster auf blauer Wand
Photo: Museum of Copenhagen