A tribute to the light of the north in Iserlohn

The "Städtische Galerie" in Iserlohn presents the exhibition LYS - A tribute to the light of the north from 15.02 2019 to 07.04.2019. On display will be 63 photographs by Sandra Bartocha and Werner Bollmann. For four years, the two renowned German photographers travelled the entire European North: from the light Danish forests and fields in the south to the blue glaciers of Spitsbergen in the north; from the storm-swept coast of Norway in the west to the dark forests of Finland in the east.

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The photographs are complemented by seven puristically poetic texts by Werner Bollmann. They have thus succeeded in creating something that has never been seen before in this dimension. The result is an exhibition that is not dedicated to just one region or subject, but a complete work dedicated to the unique beauty of Scandinavia, a declaration of love for the North in pictures and words.

About the photographers

Sandra Bartocha (*1980) from Potsdam and Werner Bollmann (*1966) from Kiel have been working as professional nature photographers for many years and have published several books during their careers ("Nordic Moments", "Müritz National Park" and "Photo School in Pictures - Nature Photography"). Their pictures have been awarded in major international photography competitions (e.g. "Wildlife Photographer of the Year", "GDT European Nature Photographer of the Year", "International Photography Awards") and have been published in magazines and presented in exhibitions worldwide.

Sandra Bartocha works as editor-in-chief of the magazine "Forum Naturfotografie" and Werner Bollmann works for this magazine as an editor.

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The two photographers share an almost congruent conception of pictorial aesthetics and a great love of the European North, which is reflected in their unique photographs.

Frames in action

The pictures and texts are presented in a total of 70 Classic magnetic frames presented. The frames used are wood 16, maple white, in sizes from 30x40cm to 100x140cm. The frames particularly emphasize the effect of the photographs and offer them the perfect stage. The exhibition can be visited until 07.04.2019. In addition, a lecture by Sandra Bartocha will take place on 21.03 at 7 pm.

Exhibition venue:
Städtische Galerie Iserlohn
Theodor-Heuss-Ring 24, 58636 Iserlohn

Opening hours:
Wednesday - Friday: 15.00 - 19.00 h
Saturday: 11.00 - 15.00 h
Sunday: 11.00 - 17.00 h