Westerwald picture frame company on television

As part of the report series "made in Südwest (the Southwest)" from SWR, in which successful companies, initiatives and family businesses from the southwest of Germany are presented, the company HALBE will also be presented on Wednesday, 9.5.2018 at 6:15 pm on SWR.

The 30-minute programme will show how the company HALBE has developed from its beginnings in 1946 to become a quality market leader in its sector - peppered with interviews and anecdotes from Heinrich and David HALBE. But also how the frames are used in practice can be seen: Art dealer Art28 , for example, comments on the use of HALBE frames. Hauptthema der Sendung ist aber sicherlich die neue Rahmung der Werke von Edvard Munch, sowie der weltberühmte „Schrei“ des Künstlers.

The process of finding the new frames for the Munch Museum is even documented in a specially designed exhibition in Oslo , which will be shown in the film. The outer wooden strips of the new frames come from the Munich frame artist Werner Murrer, the interior, however, from the Westerwald. The picture frames meet the highest security requirements of today's museums, even paintings by van Gogh already hang in HALBE frames. It is therefore not surprising that word of this has spread as far as Oslo and beyond.

You can find more information about the frames for the Munch Museum here. Short excerpts of the broadcast "made in Südwest" have already been shown on SWR Aktuell Nachrichten and ARD Tagesthemen, where they are available in the media library.

The 30-minute program "made in Südwest" on SWR can also be viewed in the media library.

Making of

Extensive filming was necessary for the report. For this purpose, the company HALBE accompanied a team of SWR television for many days in churches, Munich, Tübingen and also in faraway Oslo.

Here is a small foretaste and a look behind the scenes of the making of the film:

The SWR team spent a few days on location at HALBE in Kirchen, among other places, and will be filming in Oslo at the Munch Museum from April 20 to 22. Here the production of the wooden frames is being put into the right light.
blogbeitrag swr schreibtisch 1
David HALBE at his desk together with the film crew.
blogbeitrag swr buro 1
In addition to the production, the film was also shot in the offices.

But the main topic of the broadcast is certainly the new framing of the works of Edvard Munch, as well as the world-famous "Scream" of the artist. So in April we went to Oslo to the Munch Museum and to the roots of Edvard Munch's creative work - to his studio.

blogbeitrag swr flughafen 1
Together with the team of the SWR it goes from Frankfurt to Oslo.
blogbeitrag swr flugzeug 1
A special feature for everyone: filming also took place on the plane. Both inside and..
blogbeitrag swr blick 1
... the view outside
blogbeitrag swr munchs haus 1
The source of Edvard Munch's inspiration. His house and studio in Åsgårdstran with a dreamlike view of the fjord.

The starting point of the project was the question: "How would Edvard Munch have framed his pictures". Werner Murrer has done extensive and well-founded art historical research on this. During his research for the new picture frames, Werner found original frames by the artist. These were the initial point of the project.

blogbeitrag swr originalrahmen 1
They were viewed by HALBE in the attic of the house (now a museum). In the foreground the template for the new frames. A simple brown picture frame made of spruce.
blogbeitrag swr schlichte Rahmen 1
Further plain frames, which are also newly manufactured by Werner Murrer Rahmen, depending on the motif.
blogbeitrag swr kamera 1
Of course everything is recorded in picture and sound.
blogbeitrag swr ankunft museum 1
Arrival at the Munch Museum in Oslo. In a moment Heinrich and David HALBE see the picture frames in use.
blogbeitrag swr grafikrahmen 1
On the left you can see the painting frame with a semicircular white spruce frame. In the middle and on the right, in the same style, the graphic frames based on the HALBE CONSERVO frame.
blogbeitrag swr formate 1
Paper works in the new graphic frames in two formats. You can see how effectively these different formats can be played with.
blogbeitrag swr masterpieces 1
Das gibt es äußerst selten. Der Bilderrahmen im Zentrum der Aufmerksamkeit. Über die Entstehung der neuen Rahmen gibt es eine kleine Ausstellung im Munch Museum. „Masterpieces on the Move: Munch in New Frames“

HALBE was among the first to marvel at the exhibition. Even to be present in the museum with their own works is a special honour for the company HALBE frames, which in this form has not yet been granted to any picture frame manufacturer. 


The "Scream"

The focus of the story is the production of the new picture frame for Munch's famous painting "Scream".

blogbeitrag swr murrer rahmen 1
In addition to the production in Kirchen, the selection of the new frame for the Scream was filmed in Munich at Werner Murrer Rahmen. A delegation from the Munch Museum was a guest.
blogbeitrag swr fertigstellung 1
In Kirchen the decorative frame was then placed on the HALBE aluminium frame. For more information about the frame click here.
The completion of the frame with a reproduction in the background on which the color matching was done.
edvard munchs schrei in halbe
Here is the reproduction in the finished frame. After several paintings by Munch have already been newly framed in HALBE, now Edvard Munch's probably most famous work "The Scream" will also be newly framed.
Afterwards the frame was sent to Oslo.
blogbeitrag swr schrei 1
The highlight of the trip and unfortunately still top secret. The real "Scream" in the real frame with its proud inventors. f.l.t.r. Heinrich HALBE, David HALBE and Werner Murrer.
blogbeitrag swr neubau 1
The new Munch Museum in shell at the port of Oslo. The museum will open in 2020. The new building also provided the opportunity for new picture frames, because a picture never stands on its own. Picture, picture frame and environment are inseparable. Here, everything is now to be created anew from a single mould.

Tune in!

9.5.2018 at 6:15 pm on SWR