Kunstmuseum Derneburg Castle

In her paintings, drawings and sculpture, American artist, Torkwase Dyson explores relationships between bodily movement, geography and architecture, with a focus on the ways that black and brown bodies perceive and negotiate space. Presented in Schloss Derneburg’s historic Rittersaal, the exhibition includes a selection of drawings, paintings and sculpture created by Dyson over the past five years, and marks the largest show of her work in Europe to date. At the center of the exhibition is Tuning (Hypershape, 311-520) (2018), an installation of two hundred small-scale drawings each in a picture frame. For information about the exhibition , visit the Foundation's website.

About the picture frames

Each drawing is presented in white aluminum DISTANCE magnetic frame.  

 About the installation and photos:

Torkwase Dyson
Tuning (Hypershape, 311-520), 2018
Gouache, ink and pen on paper
30 x 23 cm (12 x 9 in.)
Hall Collection. Courtesy Hall Art Foundation.
Photography/Fotografie: Volker Crone