Multifaceted, modern and regional

The art gallery ArtHB in Bremen-Hastedt at the Fleetrade opened on October 21st, with a greeting by the president of the Bremen parliament, Christian Weber. The gallery of Hagen Kelber would like to promote among other things young artists from the north German region, and in particular from Bremen-Worpswede. But also international artists like Vito Pastore or Branko can be found in the modern gallery. Thereby the ArtHB is very multifaceted. Not only high-quality and modern works of art are presented, but also the contemporary art movement of Pop Art is brought closer to the visitors. In addition, the artworks also reflect elements of the art styles of street art, urban art and postmodernism.


Branko as the star of the opening

Hagen Kelber discovered the artist Branko and was immediately so enthusiastic about his paintings that he knew: the works belong in his gallery. That is why Kelber offers the artist the opportunity to exhibit his works on 50 square meters in the art gallery ArtHB. Kelber's top priority is to promote Branko and his works. The guests of honor Christian Weber, as well as Werder Bremen star Thomas Schaaf were presented with a Branko painting made especially for Bremen. The special thing about Branko's works is the use of 3D technology. Here, the artist cuts paper elements to size, which he then lays on top of each other with spacers on different levels.

Presentation of the motive "Bremen" from left Hagen Kelber, Branko

Visitors can admire the gallery in Fleetrade 1b in Bremen, during opening hours from Monday to Friday - 9 to 11:30 am. The diverse works are presented in picture frames from HALBE Rahmen, which ideally support the effect of the pictures and set them in scene. To enhance depth effect and impact, the works are surrounded by passepartouts and presented in a larger picture frame. Picture frames 50x70 cm or, if it should be a little smaller, picture frames in 40x60 cm are popular for this. At HALBE, you can also have picture frames made to measure for any work of art. This ensures a successful and elegant presentation.