Art in the NRW State Parliament

Martin Stockberg, designer and photographer from Aachen, is exhibiting his artworks in the foyer of the FDP parliamentary group in the Düsseldorf Landtag until 18 December 2018, under the title "Art in and with nature". Already since 2014, the photographer is engaged in the art direction "Land Art". His works are realized exclusively with natural materials. Thus, his landscape images are provided with extraordinary effects. The FDP parliamentary group regularly gives artists from North Rhine-Westphalia the opportunity to present their works in exhibitions in the state parliament. The exhibitions are intended to help the artists become better known.

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Opening of the exhibition

In addition to numerous guests, Aachen's FDP member of parliament Dr. Werner Pfeil also took part in the opening of the exhibition. During a conversation with Lorenz Deutsch, the cultural policy spokesman of the FDP state parliamentary group, Martin Stockberg explained how he goes about his work and also gave personal insights into the genesis of his photographs. He gets his inspiration in particular from the exchange with and between different people, with whom he establishes contact by chance, during the realization and completion of his art projects.

The photographer explains the creation process of his artworks with an example. For the beach drawing reminiscent of Buddhist mandalas, he had to study the tide calendar carefully, because everything


had to be completed within four hours and photographed with the help of a drone, because then the tide comes in and makes the artwork disappear again. Martin Stockberg sees the special charm in the transience of his works of art. The sea makes them disappear and after a few hours offers him a new, empty canvas on which he can live out his creativity.

About the artist

Martin Stockberg was born in Nuremberg in 1965. He grew up in Münster. In the early 80s he completed an apprenticeship as a draftsman before studying visual communication/photography at the FH Aachen in the late 80s. He still lives and works in Aachen as a graduate designer and photographer. He shares his passion for land art photography by offering professional workshops to inspire other people to be creative with and in nature.

Frames in action

The unique works of art are presented in picture frames from HALBE Frames that accentuate the effect of the photographs particularly beautifully.

The exhibition can be visited until 18 December, by appointment at the Landtag. The entrance is free. Appointment arrangement with the FDP parliamentary group, Susanne Klömpges Tel: 0211 884 4422.