Diversity of subjective perception

With works by:
K.T. Blumberg, Dieter Hanke, Irinadabo, Tobias Keppler, Torsten Schumann, Dieter Seitz, Cina F. Sommerfeld, Ruth Stoltenberg, Wolfgang Zurborn


The works of the nine photographers show a variety of subjective perceptions and values in the real everyday world. Under the title Living Inventory, their series of images present personal photographic views of striking phenomena of the present, of social contexts, private relationships, as well as fragile constructions of the memory of the past.

In the field of tension between document and staging, very individual world views emerge that elude the routine consumption of used image patterns and clichés. The interplay of the different photographic styles gives rise to a complex network of references in terms of content and form, which frees photography from the corset of illustrating text and thus gives it the possibility of manifesting its own specific quality as an independent visual language. The special quality of the medium of photography consists in constantly questioning its own criteria of perception in dialogue with the outside world, in order to transfer them into an open process, into an experiment of seeing.

Frames used

White Alu 8 aluminium frames were used as Classic and Distance magnetic frames. Mirogard Plus was used in every picture frame - it is a very high-quality and anti-reflective white glass with true-to-the-original representation and increased UV protection.

Torsten Schumann