A photographic series

The photographic series RIVALIS by Stefan Stößel is now on display in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig. Created in 2014/2015 during Stößel's fellowship at the Käte Hamburger Center in Bonn on the theme of "Law as Culture", the work explores the presence of the legal and the normative. Looking out of the window of his studio in Bonn, the photographer noticed that many of the ships sailing by on the Rhine had names drawn from legal vocabulary: Pax, Justin, Norma, Privilege and so forth. RIVALIS, the name given to the series, is a Latin legal term which refers to the right of access to a rivus or watercourse. The group of works continues to reflect shipping themes, situations on deck and the water, but has also been extended to include artists and personal names. Many of the works were previously on show as part of the Waterscapes exhibition at the Stadtgalerie Kiel in the autumn of 2015. The Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig then stepped in and purchased the works.

Halbe Distance magnetic frames were used to hang the photographs.

Stefan Stößel
lives and works in Leipzig | 1998 diploma in painting/graphics at the Academy of Graphic Arts
and Book Art Leipzig (HGB), class of Prof. Arno Rink | 2003 master student at the
Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, Prof. Astrid Klein | 2005 - 2008
Assistant of Prof. Neo Rauch, HGB Leipzig
Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig

Christoph Sandig