About the exhibition

The Museum Project, the philanthropic association of American photographers, thanks institutions that support photography as an art form with their donations. The National Museum of History and Art Luxembourg (MNHA) also received a generous donation this year and is now presenting a selection of the photographs in a special exhibition. It includes a wide variety of works by 12 contemporary artists: Barry Andersen, Darryl Curran, Robert Fichter, Suda House, Victor Landweber, Kenda North, Sheila Pinkel, Bonnie Schiffman, Michael Stone, Robert von Sternberg, Melanie Walker and Nancy Webber.

The photos were framed in our HALBE Conservo magnetic frames in Wood 22, natural oak. They fulfill preservational demands and keep the photos safe. White passepartouts create additional depth and direct the eye to the motifs. This creates an overall harmonious impression of the whole exhibition.

A virtual 3D tour through the whole exhibition is now available! Press this link to start a digital tour and explore the photographies yourself!

Images: © Tom Lucas / The Museum Project @ Nationalmuseum für Geschichte und Kunst Luxemburg.