About the exhibition

During a Christmas event at the University Hospital Jena last year, printed posters of works by the Berlin artist duo Zozoville were presented. The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by a raffle for the benefit of the Hospice and Palliative Foundation Jena. Under the motto: The monsters are loose, the lovingly painted and colorful figures from the world of monsters by Zozoville were presented and delighted young and old alike.


About the artists

Behind the Berlin duo Zozoville are the artists Mateo Dineen and Johan Potma, who wholeheartedly support this action.

Johan Potma is a Dutch painter and illustrator. He creates his works with acrylic paints on old wooden surfaces. The traces of use of the materials exude a special charm. Stains, dents, cracks or old nails contribute to the story of monsters, freaks and oddities. Mateo Dineen is an American artist. Dineen studied at the San Francisco Academy of Art and has dedicated his career to monster paintings and illustrations. Together with Johan Potma he opened the first monster gallery Zozoville in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Both artists live and work in Berlin.


Frames in action

The unusual and colourful monster pictures are presented in picture frames from HALBE with passepartouts. The simple frames give the pictures room to work and thus offer them the perfect stage.