Boundaries between photography and abstract painting

Dirk Schelpmeier from Detmold studied photography at the FH Bielefeld with Prof. Jörg Boström and Prof. Gottfried Jäger, and has so far attracted attention mainly for his sensitive to spectacular photographs of pop, rock, jazz and classical musicians.

Now he shows himself from a completely different side: In colourful compositions, the boundaries between photography and abstract painting blur. His works, created by means of long-time and multiple exposures, transport the viewer into a non-objective, partly mystical world of images. In the field of tension from the finest monochrome gradations to expressionistic colour violence, from flowing formlessness to explosive structural clusters, the pictures inspire individual interpretations.

The photos are the results of an experimental play with the photographic primary substance, light. It is a sounding out of border areas between photography and painting and a "leading onto the ice" of our perception.

The images are created as they are taken. Schelpmeier largely dispenses with digital post-processing. Only colour and contrast corrections necessary for optimal exposure are made on the computer.

Conventional framing with passepartout

For the presentation of the smaller works (21 x 31cm = 30 x 40cm frame / 26 x 36cm = 50 x 60cm frame / 55 x 70 cm = 55 x 70cm frame) Dirk Schelpmeier uses HALBE picture frames in 10mm or 16mm wood profile, black oak)

"When it comes to conventional framing with passepartout , the HALBE magnetic frame is my first choice. The high quality of workmanship and materials underline the standards I set myself for my work and the unique magnetic principle makes the framing process much easier."

Exhibition dates

The 1st exhibition opened on 2.4.2017, in the rooms of the Kulturzentrum Technikum Lage / Lippe. Organizer is the Lagens art foundation Sibylle Dotti - gallery of contemporary art. The exhibition runs up to and including 27.5.2017.

Kulturzentrum Technikum, Lange Strasse 124, 32791 Lage
Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 7 p.m., during school holidays 10 a.m. - 12 p.m

From 28.6.2017 the paintings will be on display at the law firm "Kanzlei am Wall", Echternstraße 4, 32657 Lemgo. Visiting hours on request.

For more information and image samples, please visit :

Images by: Dirk Schelpmeier