David Halbe - January 16, 2018

From Lagom to Scandi & Boho

Hygge becomes Lagom: cosiness, but limited to the essentials

2017 was all about the "Hygge" trend. Anyone who was active on Pinterest & Co. could hardly miss the Danes' easy attitude to life. Cosiness and comfort, good friends, fun evenings with good food - all this and much more gives a feeling of security. Your home should be an inviting place full of life and at the same time a cosy retreat.

Since this year, a new buzzword has been haunting the media: lagom is the name of the trend that is set to outstrip hygge in 2018. Nordic furnishings, natural materials and warm wooden floors still play an important role. Cosy sofas, warm furs, small details - these elements from the Hygge trend are undiminished important. But awareness is now evolving: the home should reflect the perfect balance in life. People are reflecting on a healthy mediocrity and rejecting anything extreme - this is also reflected in a conscious use of natural resources.

In the style of living this becomes noticeable through a certain reduction to the necessary. A less intensive use of colours, less furniture and also a more targeted selection of decorative objects are now in the foreground. Accents are best set with Lagom by small accents, for example, picture frames in natural wood look or coloured pillows and candles.

The colour trends 2018: These colours fit now in your home

Of course, there are also many exciting colour compositions this year, with which you can put an individual stamp on your interior. In many decorative elements, the colour "Ultra Violet" appears, a strong, dark purple, which was even chosen as the colour of the year 2018. That being said, you should also take a closer look at these shades:

  • Millennial Pink: This candy shade in a pastel finish is trending strongly this year. It is particularly perfect for subtle accents in the form of accessories such as cushions, picture frames or vases with colourful tulips.
  • Strong earth tones: Earth tones remain trendy, but are now becoming stronger, for example a slightly darker orange or a deep burgundy.
  • Dark colours: Dark violet - Ultra Violet says hello - goes hand in hand with dark turquoise tones in 2018.
  • Silver: Use silver to accentuate your decor, for example with flower vases covered in silver lacquer or high-quality picture frames with a silver profile. The practical thing: It matches this year's colour trends perfectly and can be ideally combined with materials with a tactile surface such as velvet.
  • Jewel tones: Jewels are on trend, at least as far as their colour is concerned. Emerald, topaz and radiant gold tones refresh decorative elements such as lamps or cushions. By the way: These colours go perfectly with the Scandi-Boho style.

Scandi & Boho: Straightforward living combined with exoticism

The Scandinavian living style stands for straight lines, modern living and a light, relaxed atmosphere. Colourful elements from other cultures are now mixing into this living concept with purist furniture and restrained pastel shades. Examples of this style of living:

  • Rattan objects
  • Decoration ideas with striking patterns and ornaments
  • rustic wooden furniture
  • Lampshades made of woven material
  • Carpets with different patterns
  • strong colours in the decoration
  • Mix of styles from different countries

The secret of this style of living is not to overdo it and to use elements from foreign cultures sparingly and purposefully.

Individuality is the order of the day: show the courage to be unusual

This year, courage is called for: combine different living styles and conjure up something completely new. Instead of boring one-size-fits-all styling, set yourself apart from others with your living ambience and create your very own style of living.

Get creative now and enjoy the 2018 home trends - iconic accessories such as cosy cushions, natural wood picture frames and lively rugs will sweeten your home!